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Google’s Panda update has left many major effects on search engine listings. In today’s blog, I want to talk to you about one of these effects – duplicate listings appearing in Google. It started a few weeks ago, when SERPs began showing a few duplicate results from the same domain on the inner SERPs pages. Now, it has spread all the way to the first page of SERPs, and is becoming a problem for businesses and SEO providers alike.

In the past, Google only showed two pages from one domain in the search results pages. This kept the results diverse, giving users many choices. With the Panda update, however, this changed – Google now shows multiple pages from the same domain.

Single Domain in SERPS for care homes in staffordshire

Last April, Google announced in their blog that they would change their algorithms to eliminate duplicates and show more domain results diversity. But as we’ve seen in the past few weeks, and in the example above, by creating filtered pages, websites are able to dominate the SERPs with multiple listings on Google search’s first few pages.

A Bug in the System

A few days ago, after being notified of this problem through Twitter, Google search quality team’s Matt Cutts acknowledged this problem. According to his reply, he has already notified the concerned teams in Google’s search quality group. Businesses and SEOs can expect that this bug will get fixed as soon as possible.

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