We’re pulling all the stops this time to extend the marketing capabilities of your agency and keep your small business clients on top of their local presence. Our team has been working on tools to make it easier for your agency to do more, leverage your marketing initiatives, and get more customers for your clients.

Introducing an all-in-one solution that lets you build, manage, and control your client’s reputation: SEOReseller’s Reputation Management Dashboard.

A Powerful Dashboard for Reputation Management

We’re now giving you access to the tools you need to manage every aspect of your client’s online reputation in one place. Our Reputation Management Dashboard seamlessly integrates your client’s digital presence into four tools:

Listing Management

Find, build, and optimize your client’s local presence by accessing high value directories globally with the Listing Management. We’ve made it easy to maintain consistency across different listings, while keeping your client’s business information up-to-date and accurate — no need to go over every listing site manually.

  1. Find the right directories: Automatically get access to an extensive list of directories – Primary, Secondary, and Potential directories – that are relevant to your client’s business.
  2. Optimize your client’s listings: Verify if your client’s business has the correct information on the directories they are listed on.
  3. Monitor listings: Stay on top of the total number of listings found for your client’s business, as well as the number of listings with possible errors.

Reputation Management

Review Monitor

Manage your client’s reviews on the most popular review sites, such as Yelp and Google My Business. Once you’ve added a new directory site on the Listing Management tool, Review Monitor will check for any review that appears on that listing.

  1. Track customer reviews: Stay updated on what customers are saying about your client’s business. Every review that comes through our third party review site and the directories your client are listed on will be aggregated in this tool.
  2. Share positive reviews: Leverage positive word-of-mouth and share positive reviews from customers to build your client’s local presence.
  3. Get review alerts: Our tool has an alert system that will send a notification once a new review comes in.


Review Spark

Take proactive steps in controlling your client’s online reputation by requesting reviews from customers. You don’t need to go to every directory site that your client is listed on to respond to their reviews and get more feedback – our tool will do it for you.

  1. Get reviews from customers: Send review requests to customers. This provides you with the arsenal to improve your client’s online reputation.
  2. Promote positive reviews: It’s only natural for a business to share a positive customer experience. Review Spark provides you with a convenient tool to showcase positive reviews from customers.
  3. Preempt negative reviews: With Review Spark, negative reviews are quickly sent to your client to address and preempt. This allows you to suppress negative reviews that can cause damage to your client’s business and provide a quick response to the customer.


Mentions Tracking

Track web mentions, so you stay on top of your online reputation management strategies and follow the conversation about your brand.

  1. Find out what keywords matter: Apart from brand mentions, our tool checks the top keywords mentioned by your client’s customers. Track new keywords that are relevant to your client’s business.
  2. Know where the buzz comes from: Our Mentions Tracking tool shows a breakdown of your client’s web mentions on different platforms – be it on social media, online directory reviews, or third party websites.    


We’re Giving You More…

Our Reputation Management Dashboard is now in Open Beta, and we’re encouraging partners to sign up and see for themselves how our tool can make their client’s lives easier. We’ll be launching more features in the coming weeks to provide you with more value-added service, so stay tuned to our updates.

Interested to know how our Reputation Management Dashboard works? Sign up for the 90-day open beta now or read more about it.