Goodbye, Google?

Google has been making updates to their algorithm – as usual. Last week, they implemented another update on the referrers. Businesses who outsource SEO aren’t supposed to worry about this, though it’s also best that they know about this.

With all the updates that Google is doing, everyone is threatened because of one question: “is Google really coming to an end?” This question will probably linger around for a while because people are becoming convinced that Google wants to get rid of its natural search results.

Latest Update

The leading search engine tool is currently encrypting searches if the user is logged on to through a secure connection.  Google claims that they only did this for “user intent” or “user experience” (phrases that you’ll always hear them say) purposes.

Removal Of Referrer String

Yes, this is by far the latest issue of Google. See, in the past, you would see the referrer data of a user even if they were logged in to their Gmail account and started surfing. Today, if they are currently logged in, data won’t be available.

Big Deal

Google said that only a small percentage does this –signing in through their Google accounts and starts searching for their queries. Somehow, this small percentage is a big deal for SEO specialists. And yes, according to a study, the click through rates for natural search show that it has dropped-down significantly.

Sadly, this update just brought a big problem to the search industry, and this may affect most businesses that use SEO to gain more visibility.

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