Your Starter Kit to Mobile SEOIf you’ve read our Agency Guide to White Label SEO (and if you haven’t, download it from the link and read it now), you’ll have seen us briefly discuss why mobile SEO is one of the solutions you should focus on in the near future. Today I want to expound on this further and give you a starting list of what you need to ensure that you engage and inspire your mobile audience to action. This should serve as your guide as you develop mobile SEO solutions in the years to come.

Responsive Web Design

Your online representation should be accurate regardless of the platform and the device your target audience uses. Having responsive web design ensures your website can be accessed from any device and still display the contents well.

When choosing a layout, make sure you consider the following:si

  • Navigability
  • Cutting down load time
  • Integrating and displaying different types of media

Application Development

Your Starter Kit to Mobile SEOCreating a mobile application is a more specialized way of delivering your site’s contents to your audience. It also presents more opportunities for cross-channel promotion, because you can integrate social and local features in your applications. When optimizing your mobile app, pay attention to the following:

  • Application name
  • Application description
  • Company name
  • Ratings, both quality and quantity
  • Download volume

These factors are what app stores use for determining which apps to display first. Optimize these and monitor your ratings and reviews regularly.

Mobile Paid Search

  • Separate your mobile campaigns in your AdWords account. You’ll need to choose different settings for your desktop and mobile ad campaigns in order for you to run ads created distinctly for mobile.
  • Make sure to set up your Google AdWords Call Extension, which makes a clickable phone number appear on your mobile search listing. Connect this to your business number, preferably one with call tracking features, to get information about the calls you receive from your mobile click-to-call campaigns.
  • Optimize your ad copy to reflect the expected conversion from mobile: tell your target market to call.

Facebook Mobile Ads

Users are moving from using Facebook on desktops to using it on mobile. This should shift your priorities when advertising on Facebook and focusing on mobile ads. Develop your Facebook ad campaign around mobile users. You can manage these campaigns better by installing Power Editor, which allows you to create, edit, and track your mobile ad campaigns.

Maps and Local Optimization

Your Starter Kit to Mobile SEO

The most common searches on mobile are map searches. Having a sound local optimization strategy helps ensure the visibility of your business when searching for services online. Create your listing on Google+ Local and update your address for it to appear on Google Maps.

Updating your local business listings on apps that people use often on mobile also helps ensure you reach your target audience consistently. Make sure your business information is updated on directories like Yelp.

We’d be glad to help develop your mobile optimization strategy further. Contact your account manager today or sign up for free to get started. Keep checking back for more tips and the latest updates on SEO!

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