The time of digital marketers focusing on a specific keyword to achieve good search engine rankings is far gone. Nowadays, stats show that more than 15% of Google’s searches contain previously unused words by users, so context is essential for creating quality content.

Google’s search algorithm is constantly creating new, unique ways to provide users with solutions for their issues, which makes LSI keywords a crucial factor in SEO ranking.
In fact, LSI-based search engine optimization has significant benefits for the visibility of your business and increasing the contextuality of your content.

In this article, we will guide you through the basic information on what is LSI, and what makes it so important for SEO. Keep reading to learn how you can boost traffic and attract customers by using relevant LSI keywords. 

What Do LSI Keywords Mean in SEO?

Google has prioritized the importance of LSI keywords in SEO for almost 7 years. Nevertheless, beginners in entrepreneurship may find the accessible information on this topic quite vague and insufficient. 

So, what are LSI keywords, and how does LSI work?

Basically, LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. This entails a computer system created to encode a vast array of synonyms based on their context. It relies on mathematical techniques that can identify the relationships between the words and concepts in business content. 

In the context of search engine optimization, LSI keywords are search terms related to your main targeted keyword. The purpose of LSI SEO is to add extra context and therefore make your content easier for search engines and potential customers to reach.

How Do LSI Tools for SEO Work? 

LSI SEO centers around the partial implementation of SVD (Singular Value Decomposition).
This is a mathematical operation that divides a matrix into smaller parts – for easier and more effective calculations. 

Upon the analysis of a phrase, LSI gets rid of the so-called stop words in it, like pronouns, common verbs, and conjunctions. This highlights the main content of the word string and removes the words that comprise it. 

For example, in the phrase “(the) big white cat jumped (over the) fence,” LSI would remove the word in brackets and then place them in a TDM (Term Document Matrix). TDM is a 2D grid that includes the density of each particular term in a specific document from a data set. Once done, the system applies weighing functions to the TDM. 

Simply put, the system can classify the documents that don’t include the word with a value of 0 and those that do include it, with a value of 1. If these documents contain the words at approximately the same density, this is also referred to as co-occurrence. 

How to Find LSI Keywords?

As a beginner who is just learning how to find LSI keywords, Google is always your friend.
When you look up a keyword, the group of related searches that appears at the end of the search results page is the Google LSI keywords list. 

You can use these results in a similar way – as a semantic keyword tool – because they help you find similar queries and learn how searchers build their search phrases. The phrase suggestions that appear when you type a target keyword in the search bar are also a great indicator. These keyword discovery tips will help you find popular search phrases you weren’t familiar with before. 

Additionally, finding LSI keywords is available via Google’s Keyword Planner Tool. It gives you hundreds of keyword suggestions for digital marketers, together with common search words and phrases. This list of suggestions functions as a free LSI keyword generator – you can just type your target keyword and find the related SEO keywords. Always remember to aim for keywords with low competition and high search levels.

Tools for LSI Keywords

LSI Graph

LSI Graph is one of the most popular, easy-to-use, and free LSI keyword tools. Without even having to make an account, you can get 50 LSI keywords for a limited number of daily searches. By signing up, the daily search limit will increase to around 20 available queries.

Furthermore, LSI Graph can help you find long-tail keywords i.e. keywords made up of three words or more. You can also get inspiration for your page title by using the sentences and questions suggested. 

These features make LSI Graph a perfect tool for content creation beginners. Nevertheless, you should be confident in your targeted keywords in order to make the best of the limited number of search queries. 


Keys4Up is another user-friendly LSI keyword generator that offers around 10 LSI keywords for each search query you make. By signing up with your email address, you can gain access to the full keyword list the platform offers. However, after more frequent use, this tool will require you to promote it on social media, which can be inconvenient for some users.

You have the option to export the full keywords list provided by this tool, or a selection of keywords as a CSV file. In addition to that, you can choose to find LSI keywords that include 1, 2, or 3 words. 

This makes the tool beneficial and customizable for users who specifically search for short or long-tail targeted keywords. Keys4Up also includes a special feature known as the 4Up index, which indicates the recommended density of your targeted keywords.

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SEO Synonyms & LSI Keywords 

Essentially, some LSI keywords can be classified as synonyms, but not all synonyms count as LSI keywords. LSI keywords are mainly defined as words and phrases closely linked to your main SEO keyword. Therefore, using synonyms can indeed increase the success of your SEO strategy, but that doesn’t make them a part of LSI SEO.

For instance, synonyms for the word “clothes” would include “attire”. The LSI keywords for this category would include words such as “comfortable”, “warm”, “fashionable”, and so on.
The easiest way to grasp the difference between related keywords and SEO synonyms is by performing a Google search. You can find the LSI keywords in the suggested searches in the drop-down menu.  

FAQs on LSI Keywords

What are the benefits of using LSI keywords?

A good LSI SEO strategy will boost your website’s ranking in the Google search results by enhancing the relevance of your content. Search engine users can find your content more easily by using related words.

Are there any disadvantages of using LSI keywords?

The main setback of LSI SEO is that it can sometimes ruin the order of words and their context by removing prepositions and conjunctions as well as applying only one meaning to the words. 

Are LSI keywords beneficial for YouTube?

YouTube also entails LSI keywords in its rankings, so YouTube creators can benefit from LSI based search engine optimization. However, they aren’t crucial enough to be put in the title – instead, it’s recommended to place them in the video descriptions.  

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