We’re constantly working to improve and streamline our online marketing solutions. I’m very happy to share the launch of our newest offering, the white label client dashboard. Our new platform lets your clients check their SEO performance, request, and receive proposals and reports with just a few clicks. We wrap this dashboard under your brand and make it available in your own domain.

Dashboard Features

Our technology lets your clients log on directly from your website. Once logged in, a simple and navigable interface greets end users. The tabs on top lead to different sections where your clients will find the information they need. We placed a shortcut for adding a new campaign at the end of the list.

The right-hand panel features links to your services. Your clients can order services with a few clicks. The request will go directly to our operations department, saving you time from relaying requests and finished reports and proposals.

Track Your Rankings Live

Clients want to know how their rankings are preforming. Our platform provides live ranking updates and Google Analytics data on a daily basis, letting them see the direct relationship between SEO and their growth. Increase your value proposition and streamline reporting by offering this customer self-service platform.

The first thing your clients will see when clicking on their campaign is a list of keywords and their rankings. Clicking on a keyword further reveals the summary of rankings for the current month.

Google Analytics Integration

Our SEO reporting dashboard shows how your clients’ ranking influences site traffic using Google Analytics API. Your customers will learn the geographical location of their site visitors and the nature of traffic. We also provide a comparison of your current site traffic with the previous month’s activity.

Easy Proposal and Report Requests

Making proposals and reports available on-demand gives your business more value to your clients. We make requesting these documents easier through our new dashboard. Clients can directly request proposals and receive a branded report in PDF format through the dashboard within two business days. We manually prepare these proposals and they include site-specific keyword research. We also make monthly executive reports available in PDF form, which they can download and print out at their convenience.

Improve your customer service and streamline your reporting process. Contact your account manager or sign up with us to claim your free dashboard today.

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