Earlier this month, Google announced its new Analytics Academy course to help marketers use Google Analytics better. Now they’ve expanded the educational modules found in the Google Webmaster Academy.

The Google Webmaster Academy logo

The Google Webmaster Academy was first launched in 2012 to help beginner webmasters learn how to improve their website. The lessons included tips on getting a website into Google’s index, understanding Google Webmaster Tools, and providing useful information about content (images, videos, and so on) to search engines. The articles were organized into modules, and included links to more in-depth articles if webmasters wanted to dive deeper into a specific topic.

There are currently three modules available in Webmaster Academy:

  • Module 1: Make a great site – covers setting-up a new website, identifying your target audience, content creation, site structure, and how to adapt to mobile
  • Module 2: Learn how Google understands your site – covers how Google works and how it knows about your site, Google Webmaster Guidelines, HTML tips, and SEO
  • Module 3: Communicate with Google – covers Google Webmaster Tools set-up, how to make your website crawlable, website management and monitoring, sitemaps, and how to connect with Google

Each module ends with a quiz that helps users recall key points in each lesson, and practice what they’ve learned. Unlike Analytics Academy, none of the Webmasters Academy modules offers certification, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore these free materials. They’re still extremely helpful if you’re serious about learning the ropes as a webmaster or service provider.

Learning about Google, web development, and SEO works is important for clients, resellers, and SEO service providers. This helps everyone understand what the client website needs to get to the top of the SERP rankings, what needs to be done to maintain their rankings, and how to provide a great user experience for the client’s audience.

All our partners have access to our own Resource Center, which contains informative and educational materials such as Definitive Guides and cheatsheets/Cliff Notes. Our project managers are also well-equipped to explain how our services work and how they can help you and your clients improve visibility and conversions. Sign-up as a partner to get started today!

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