As online marketing keeps on evolving, there goes the evolution of search engines too—just like Google. One of the changes that has been made is the sitelinks. 2008 was the year that Google introduced a new feature which are the sitelinks. Today, there’ll be a new change which is to make this feature bigger. This is just one of the changes that Google will make, but many companies can’t stay on track—which is why they choose to outsource seo from a trusted seo company.


When Googlefirst introduced the use of the Sitelinks, a web professional should make it’s way to Google and show them that their site is useful to their clients and potential clients if their company would want their site to have more sitelinks. In a span of one year, web professionals are able to improve its sitelinks to the directory level.

In today’s situation, “ The number of sitelinks will also vary based on your query”, as Danile Rocha has said in the official Google Blog. Having sitelinks are strategic, and here are some ways to make sure that you get better sitelinks for your website in the upcoming Google sitelinks. Description snippet is between 23-29 characters including spaces, Meta description should change for different sitelink pages, and make sure your title would also sound like a call to action perspective.

We know that not all of the changes from the search engines can be worked out by your company alone. If you need any help in keeping track on your ranking and visibility online, will be more than willing to help you out. Visit to know more of the products and services such as seo reseller, Google Places SEO and Social Media Marketing.

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