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Content in SEO: How Does It Fit into Your Strategy?

How Do You Fit Content in Your SEO

“Content is king”. It’s a phrase that everyone in the digital marketing industry has come to embrace. You can’t succeed in SEO without quality content, and content will not be effective if you’re not implementing the right SEO strategy [...]

Move Forward with Quality Content: Spotting the Good from the Bad Official Blog

‘Content is king’ is a mantra that stays with us in this post-Hummingbird world. As Google continues to upgrade the search landscape for user experience, the role of content evolves and becomes a bigger part of the entire marketing mix.

There’s a difference between writing a blog to engage your target audience and writing a blog just […]

Searchmetrics Study: Video Dominates Google Universal Search by 65% Official Blog

Users all over the world have been using Google to search for answers to anything; and those who have been using it since 2007 may be familiar with the Universal Search Results. To adapt to the users’ changing need for a wider multimedia support, Google returns a multitude of choices for every query—including images, news, […]

Doc Sheldon Case: How Important It Is To Have High Content Standards Official Blog

Google surprised everyone when they seemingly penalized SEO professional Doc Sheldon’s entire website for one problematic guest post. Although Sheldon pointed out a full range of other possible reasons for the penalty in a lengthy open letter, Matt Cutts responded with just one specific example:

@DocSheldon what “Best Practices For Hispanic Social Networking” has to do […]

How to Reach Out to Content Publishers the Right Way Official Blog

How do you get online publications to post your content on their websites? With the evolution of guest blogging, it’s not as simple as sending out an email blast to multiple publishers with a template message, or paying a publisher to post your content. Getting your content published is about providing value to readers and […]

Publishers Starting to Feel the Effect of MyBlogGuest Penalty Official Blog

When guest blogging network MyBlogGuest got hit by a Google penalty, website owner Ann Smarty tweeted that she didn’t think their publishers would be penalized. Based on several observations by their publishers and a hint from Matt Cutts, however, it seems that Smarty might have thought wrong.

MyBlogGuest publisher Jill Armour replied to Smarty’s tweet to […]

MyBlogGuest Confirms being Hit by a Google Penalty Official Blog

Matt Cutts recently announced on Twitter that they took action against a large guest post network, and reminded his followers about the risks of guest blogging.
Today we took action on a large guest blog network. A reminder about the spam risks of guest blogging:

— Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) March 19, 2014
A few hours later, Ann […]

Where is Your Business At with Video Advertising? Official Blog

Visuals are becoming more important in content marketing as audiences use technology with wider multimedia support. Images, infographics, podcasts, and videos are already popular content types among online users, and most of these are part of our content marketing strategy. I’d like to focus on video for a bit, because the results of a recent […]

The Dreaded Unsubscribe Button Comes to Gmail Official Blog

Google’s latest modification will put your business at peril if you don’t plan your email content well. Towards the end of last week, they modified their system to feature an Unsubscribe option immediately beside the sender’s email address. This means you’re only as good as the last email you send – and for many, this […]

How to Distribute Your Content to the Right Audience in 2014 Official Blog

Every piece of content, no matter how great it is, will amount to nothing without proper distribution. The variety of content distribution channels today can seem intimidating, but think of it as a huge opportunity to reach out to people who wouldn’t have come across your content otherwise. When creating content for publication on your […]