Bing Ads continues its streak of innovations with more tools allowing webmasters to see who their campaigns are reaching and target them more effectively. The Improved Demographic Targeting and Reach Visualization systems leverage more demographic data from the user’s search and display to increase overall coverage.

Bing Targets Demographics Better

Bing representatives say that The Improved Demographic Targeting tool will allow webmasters to serve personalized and relevant ads, according to relevant age and gender groups. Simply set up the targeting rules under advanced targeting options to determine the time, recipient, and device of the ad’s appearance.

Webmasters can sharpen their focus even further by adjusting bids for specific age ranges and gender groups. Taking advantage of this feature will increase the chances of the ad appearing for a user within the targeted demographic.

Bing stresses that although this tool can both refine and improve targeting strategies; it’s meant to be used alongside other options to get the message across to the right users.

Bing Data on Users

Bing AdsThis is good news for webmasters across the United States, as they can use this tool in conjunction with the demographic and reach visualization tables available on This collection of data dashboards displays statistics pulled from various sources and industries.

The search data is compiled in a drop down system that allows marketers to see the overall demographics on Bing Ads (not reached by Google) pertinent to their PPC and other campaigns. The industries included in the display tables are automotive, education, finance, retail, telecom, technology, and travel.

As seen on the image above, the graphs divide the larger chunks of data into different demographics such as age, marital status, income, and education. The data currently only applies to searches done within the United States, but Bing Ads representatives say that international versions are in the works.

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