Today, we are going to talk about one of the most overlooked areas in online marketing—the user experience, or the UX as many prefer to call it. This may be a buzzword, but only a few marketers understand what it really is. Regardless of the nature of your client’s business website, it’s your job to ensure that it provides a rich user experience. This is especially true if you’re marketing a retail site.

What is UX

Many digital marketers confuse user interface with user experience; in truth the former is actually part of the latter. UX is the general feeling or sentiment one experiences after using a product or service. Putting it in context, UX encompasses the way a website works for your client’s customers.

The role of UX design is to coordinate the elements of the website and eliminate the features that may make the user flinch, frown, or worse, leave the website. A good user experience is characterized by the harmonious coordination of the following elements: content, visual design, information architecture, and the website’s loading time.

Why It’s Important

Knowing the significance of UX helps web developers and designers engineer better websites. Other than making the navigation easier, a good UX design creates a good impression on the business. For one, it will significantly decrease the bounce rate of a website. A customer who visits a site with good design and user-friendly features is likely to stay, and even come back. In a nutshell, user experience is part of a business’s branding efforts.

Knowing these things will make it easier to explain why your clients need a website revamp. Stay with us for more about the most important stuff in online marketing.

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