GoogleEarlier last week, Google launched an update to its sitelinks. Google improved it for a better organization and quality on its search results. The said sitelinks have just improved its appearance, not fundamentally—something that seo reseller companies should not worry about.

Some of the changes that occured are its visibility, wherein the links are now in full size texts and is now enhanced with a green URL and only one line of snippet text. The next one is its flexibility which means that your site’s ranking can change depending on the query of the user. Twelve (12) sitelinks can now be shown for a site, but again, this may change according to the user’s inquiry. They have also updated the sitelinks to separate the top domain and the other domains, which will give the user a clearer view of the search results. Lastly, they have improved the way Google combined the signals that they use for the generation and ranking of the sitelinks. Also, if you feel that the site that appeared on your search result is incorrect or is not appropriate to your search, then you can suggest this by the use of the Webmaster Tools.

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