Link Building Opportunity

Many companies are now looking for more ways to increase their online visibility. Most of them choose to outsource SEO to have the best online marketing results. So, what is a great addition to your SEO strategies? The answer is Email Marketing.

It isn’t usual to think that email marketing can help you build links. However, it is a good strategy that we can all use. Who would’ve thought that you can gain more with your company’s email list when combined with the best SEO and link building strategies?

Email Campaign Set-Up

Here are a few things that you should remember (and do) in order for you to have a successful email marketing campaign.

Email List

Make sure that you have a “subscribe to email” button on your site. In this section, your subscribers would need to give you a little of their information. However, don’t forget to ask for their names –yes, this is quite basic, but there are some websites who has a good email marketing campaign, but they rarely get the name of their subscribers. Make sure that you ask for their names, because you’ll definitely use this in the long run. See, having your customer’s name on the email that you’ll send them will create a better relationship between the brand and your subscriber.


Set the frequency that you are going to have for your email blast. We would recommend that you trigger your email send out only once per week, so you get a weekly email. Don’t make your email send out as frequent as possible because you don’t want to irritate your subscribers resulting to a huge unsubscribe list.

Email Testing

Even before you send out your campaigns, make sure that you test it first. Test the subject lines, headlines, a different way of capturing it, placement, and many more. Make sure which campaigns perform well, and use it.

Link Building

In the campaigns that you’ll be sending out, make sure that there are links. Links such as direct links, anchor text pointing to the right pages, brand links pointing to a home page or even social shares can help your brand in gaining more visibility, so make sure that you place them on your email campaigns.

Work With the Experts

If you’re having problems in launching an online marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to let us know. We have a number of products such as white label SEO, social media marketing, web design and paid advertising that will definitely help your brand.

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