Panda 2.4After five updates of Google Panda consistently being rolled out in the United States, the international scene gets a taste of Panda. Just this August 12, Google announced on its blog that they have officially rolled out Google Panda 2.4 to most languages except Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. This is something SEO resellers should prepare for.

As posted by Google:

“Today we’re continuing that effort by rolling out our algorithmic search improvements in different languages… this change impacts typically 6-9% of queries to a degree that a user might notice. This is distinctly lower than the initial launch of Panda, which affected almost 12% of English queries to a noticeable amount.”

This is Google Panda’s first update on international shores. It involves a few minor changes to the English version but should not cause any significant impact. Across the world, webmasters are reporting a loss in traffic since they were not hit by the previous roll out of Google Panda. Google’s blog gave some tips and guidance on how they search for high quality sites.

There are many ways to recover from being affected by Panda but results aren’t seen overnight. Removing your low quality content all together or putting them in a separate sub-domain is just some of the techniques. Asking yourself questions and answering them objectively about your website can help create strategies for the improvement of your website.

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