Google has been busy as of late in terms of ditching some of its solutions, like what happened to Authorship, and polishing its fairly ignored products. Last week, one of the most exciting developments for marketers and online businesses materialized with the announced return of My Maps.

My Maps is not a brand new product. It was first introduced a few years ago, but then overshadowed by Google Maps Engine Lite early last year. The company asked users back then to transfer the maps created in the former to the latter with a promise that the two will eventually merge. That time has come, and My Maps is now at everyone’s disposal.

Customized Experience

If you’re familiar with the classic My Maps, you can still do what you used to enjoy, but with additional powerful features that will certainly change local SEO forever.

Apart from saving places, seasoned listings with compelling visuals, and driving directions, the new My Maps lets you add descriptions and images of locations directly on the map; leverage on different colors to enhance the map; and use layers to organize your places.

Instead of simply providing the basic, useful information about your business, you can now connect different maps to form a route. You can plot a detailed tour for your customers, or make good use of your local knowledge to complement your brand.

The possibility is really endless with the upgraded version of My Maps. With a bit of creativity and sound marketing strategies, you can convincingly draw in customers to your business location.

Automatic Migration

All content created in classic Google Maps will be automatically imported to the new My Maps by the end of the year—only if you don’t switch it yourself until that time comes.

You have the option to upgrade now and use the new features as soon as possible. By doing so, you can no longer access or make any changes to your maps from classic Google Maps, nor access My Maps content in Google Maps for Android app or in the Google Earth iOS app. You just have to download the Google My Maps Android app to check your content.

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