SEO companies and their clients use contracts, too. But not everyone gets this agreement right. To ensure your SEO contract covers all important bases, your legal agreement should contain the following clauses:

Definition of Deliverables

This part of the contract specifies what the client can expect from the provider. The SEO company lists the deliverables it will provide.

If the contract grants the client access to an SEO dashboard to track social signals, it should appear on the contract. The document must be specific on all the services that are part of the deal – from keyword research reports to content development.

Algorithm and Ranking Disclaimer

Another important clause in an SEO contract is the disclaimer over uncontrollable changes. This covers algorithm updates and ranking shifts that could impact the client’s website.

Reporting and Tracking Specifics

The agreement should be specific as to when the provider delivers reports, analyses, and other analytics. At the same time, the SEO company has to clarify what types of reports and analyses it will send to the client.

It’s important to cover all your bases. If you need help, our project managers can help you – from services to contracts and everything in between. Just give us a call.

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