Key Takeaways

3:19 – Your website should have these elements: Human Connection, Proof of Performance, Social Proof, Visual Proof, and Lead Generation.

4:09 – There are three stages to establish human connection with your agency’s website. Stage 1 is about establishing the connection. Stage 2 is about leveraging expertise, authority, and sincerity. Stage 3 is about building trust through your character, competence, and trustworthiness.

7:22 – Include a video on your website to provide your target visitors with a rich, personal experience.

15:06 – Be out there and build your social proof. If you’re researching about your clients, it’s highly likely that they’re searching for you, too.

17:28 – To show social proof, you have to earn it first.

19:28 – You can’t just be likeable; you also have to deliver. This is where proof of performance comes in. Leverage the expertise bias.

21:00 – People are very visual, and this makes it important to have visual proof on your website. Use visuals to display your digital marketing capabilities. Remember, clients are going to believe the expertise of an agency that is well invested in technology versus a company that just reports via Google Docs or by a downloaded Excel sheet.

23:47 – Use your site to generate leads: strong CTA, Opt-in, Forms, and Audit Widget.

25:27 – Don’t try to win everybody. Qualify your leads. Follow the Pareto principle – 20% of your leads will be the hottest and get 80% of your business.

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Learn the 5 elements of a killer agency website and how they help you build leads!

  1. Human Connection
  2. Social Proof
  3. Proof of Performance
  4. Visual Proof
  5. Lead Generation

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