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SEO FAQ: 50 SEO Questions and Answers All in One Place

SEO. It’s not new, but it’s increasing in both popularity and need.  But, with so much conflicting information on the internet and with Google constantly updating its ranking factors, it’s no wonder you have questions.  SEO is as clear as mud — we get it. The purpose of this post is to provide you with the most up-to-date guide that answers every question you have about SEO and how you can improve your online visibility starting today. Read on for 50 common SEO questions and their answers. Frequently Asked Questions About SEO #1: What Is SEO? SEO, short for search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing or improving your website to increase visibility and organic visits.  This may include: Conducting a site audit to determine the health of your siteAnalyzing your competitors’ sitesOptimizing your Google My BusinessCreating landing pagesBuilding content, such as a blogOptimizing your local SEOAnd more When done correctly, SEO will not only increase the amount of traffic to your website, but it improves the quality of the traffic. #2: Who Needs SEO? Any business with a product or service to offer can benefit from SEO. Without SEO, your website won’t be visible to your potential customers even after they enter relevant terms in search engines. More specifically, there are a few industries that can truly benefit from SEO, such as: Medical practices or MedispasMulti-location businessesOnline businessesProfessional services (accounting, legal, IT, financial, etc.)Home renovations or repairsRestaurantsPet servicesReal estate Most people turn to the internet for these and other services, and 93% of internet users have admitted…
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Multi-Location SEO Strategies for Businesses With More Than One Location

Businesses with multiple locations encounter unique challenges when trying to boost their ranking.  There is lots of information out there about SEO best practices, but what helps multi-location businesses?  Why does multi-location SEO matter? And where can you start? Here is a list of strategies that you can use to bolster your multi-location SEO campaign that you can reference as needed.  What Is Multi-Location SEO? Multi-location SEO allows you to optimize your on-page content and manage how your business will appear in local searches.  For example, if you were searching for LASIK eye surgery in Seattle, WA on Google, the map will highlight locations in the area that Google thinks best fit your search.  The first three non-advertised businesses listed are called the local pack. Nearly half of all Google searches are local.  This makes the local pack one of the most valuable pieces of digital real estate on the internet.   In the example above, Northwest Eye Surgeons and Evergreen Eye Center are showing up on the Local Pack as an organic result. SharpeVision paid for that spot. These businesses may or may not have multiple locations, but what they do have is dominance over local SEO for this search.  At this stage of the buyer’s journey, those searching for something in a specific location are narrowing down providers, and are likely ready to purchase. Optimizing multi-location SEO is critical in making sure your business is the one that gets visited.  How Do You Rank Multiple Locations? If your business has multiple locations, ranking on Google takes paying careful…
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SEO Blog Post Word Count: How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

Have you ever sat down to write your next blog post and wondered, “How long should a blog be?” You’re not alone. In fact, some of the biggest names in the content marketing game have conducted massive studies to answer this one question. What have they discovered?  Read on to learn everything there is to know about: The best length for a blog postThe benefits of lengthy blog posts; andHow to write blog posts for SEO Why Does Blog Word Count Matter for SEO? It’s easy to get caught up in the concerns that your blogs are reading too short — or maybe even too long — when you don’t see your page ranking on a Google search. While the length of your blog post does matter, it might surprise you to learn that it doesn’t matter nearly as much as the content within your post. What do we mean? Google has a designated team of highly-trained quality raters who comb websites looking for the pages that most closely match the intent of the search. Google is looking for comprehensive content, more than anything, which is why websites with blog posts that answer the users’ questions will rank higher than a shorter post that doesn’t add as much value. But, high word count does not always mean the content is comprehensive.  Be warned that Google’s algorithms and quality raters are very good at spotting blogs where the keywords seem “stuffed” into the content or where the content has a lot of “fluff” to make it seem longer. At the…
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8 Steps for Developing a Comprehensive SEO Content Marketing Strategy

If you’ve been paying attention to the shift in SEO marketing trends, then you’ve probably heard the expression, “content is king.”  But what does that mean, exactly? Most companies, and many marketers, still don’t fully understand why content marketing is so effective, and what they should be doing to keep up. We’re going to let you in on the secret. By the end of our guide, you’ll know exactly why an SEO content marketing strategy is a must for any business, and how to make sure your company isn’t falling behind the competition. What Is Content Marketing Strategy? A quality content marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan for creating, publishing, and maintaining valuable and relevant content designed to attract a particular audience.  With profitability as the end goal, a successful content marketing strategy should aim to inspire, entertain, and educate potential consumers. Why Content Marketing Strategy Is Important With more than 200 million people regularly using ad blockers and most websites having Adblock rates of up to 40%, it’s no secret that content marketing is not only the present but also the future of marketing. Not only do your customers prefer content marketing over ads, but it also generates three times the leads and six times the conversion rates. But, beyond the statistics, a great content marketing strategy is critical to the success of any business for these reasons: To gain a better understanding of your target audienceCreating a positive customer experienceBuilding a trusting relationship with your customersGenerating quality leadsImproving your online visibilityCultivating brand awarenessTo gain traction on social…
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How to Effectively Use SEO Writing to Boost Your Search Engine Performance: 13 Tips

You know that in the world of SEO, content reigns supreme. But not just any content. These days your content has to be superbly executed and highly valuable. If you’re new to SEO writing or diving into a website redesign, the pressure to create rank-worthy content is likely daunting. SEO writing does not have to be an overwhelming, insurmountable task. There are simple steps you can take to design an effective content strategy. To that end, we have compiled 13 easy-to-implement SEO writing tips to create content that will effectively boost your rankings and drive organic traffic to your site.  Table of Contents What Is SEO Writing?Why SEO Writing Is ImportantWhat Types of Businesses Benefit from SEO Writing?What to Keep in Mind When Writing for Search Engine Optimization13 SEO Writing Tips for Creating Effective ContentSEOReseller: Find SEO Writing Success With Our Team of Experts What Is SEO Writing? SEO writing is a digital marketing strategy designed to boost a website’s organic search engine rankings, drive traffic, and increase revenue through the creation of valuable content. When done effectively, SEO writing bridges the gap between: Creating casual content that readers understand, relate to, and want to share, And Utilizing targeted keyword phrases (search terms) that make it easy for search engines to understand your content and determine its value. Why SEO Writing Is Important In the first stages of the evolution of search engine optimization strategies, it didn’t take much to rank on the first page of search results (SERPs).  A repetition of target and related keywords that stood out…
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How to Do White Hat SEO: Techniques That Are Evergreen and Results-Driven

Lots of vocabulary gets thrown around when discussing SEO, and the term “white hat SEO” is no different. You may have heard the term before, and even done a little bit of research into why it’s so important to a successful SEO strategy. Nevertheless, you still may have a few questions, including: What is white hat SEO? What is the value of using white hat SEO techniques?Should you be employing a white hat SEO strategy for your business or client? We’ll take a deep dive into all aspects of white hat SEO, so you understand the importance and value of these strategies. What Is White Hat SEO? When it comes to SEO, “white hat” strategies are those that align with the terms and conditions of the major search engines. Major search engines include: GoogleYouTubeYahoo!Microsoft Think of white hat SEO as the way to organically rank by the rules determined by search engines. White hat SEO strategies may include: Offering quality content and services.Fast site loading times and mobile-friendliness.Using descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags and headers.Ensuring your site is easy for consumers to navigate. White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO The core difference between black hat SEO and white hat SEO has to do with the techniques and strategies that are used to boost SEO performance. White hat SEO strategies are often designed with the reader in mind and are aimed at providing value and a quality user experience, while black hat SEO targets the search engine. Black hat SEO techniques are those that violate search engine guidelines and may include:…
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