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6 Reasons Why You Work With SEOReseller

Get Better Results

Our local SEO packages are designed to drive higher rankings and more visibility on local searches for your kind of business, getting you more leads and customers.

Increase Conversions

Well-targeted keywords, a good user experience, and persuasive, SEO-optimized copy on your website will turn visitors into potential customers.

Securing Great ROI

Because local SEO targets searchers close to making a purchase, local SEO is an effective way to increase sales and revenue.

Work with Performance Specialists

You’ll have access to a team of expert SEO specialists, copywriters, and link builders who will provide all the guidance you need for your campaign to perform.

Meaningful Reports

Make data-driven decisions to grow your business with regular reports and analyses of the performance of your campaigns. Get clarity on what’s working so that all your efforts pay off.

How Our Local SEO Packages Grow Your Leads and Sales

Local SEO Packages

Developing Local Strategy and Plan

Our local SEO specialists will work with you to set goals, determine strategy, and set expectations about the outcomes of your campaign. We’ll recommend the best way to drive your success and go over all the optimizations we’ll be making so that you’re in the know every step of the way.

Business Assessment

Target Customer Search Behaviors

Competitor Analysis

Local Optimization for Your Website

A locally-optimized site is key to increasing your search rankings with the right local keywords. Our team can identify areas for improvement that will help your business rank for the correct SEO keywords and produce better search results.
scanning website

Website Technical Audit

Keyword Research

Copywriting and Technical Fixes

Blogs with Local Content and Link Building

Get high-quality content optimized for both searchers and search engines. Our content strategists and creatives will produce content marketing blogs that provide value to your customers and build authority for your site. We’ll also build links from guest blogs to drive ranking performance and create listings in relevant online directories to enhance your digital footprint.

High-Quality Content

Consistent Content

Relevant Citations

Link Building

Link Building

Your Essentials to Ranking Local Businesses Online

Get a local SEO package and make your business more discoverable in the areas you serve. Collaborate with some of the savviest specialists in the business, and benefit from their expertise.

Our local SEO packages include all the building blocks of an effective local search campaign:

  • Competitively-priced and fully-managed local SEO services and 24/5 support from our team of SEO experts
  • Website audits, keyword research, technical fixes implementation, Google Business Profile optimization,  on-page and off-page writing, content strategy, and guest blog link building
  • An  SEO dashboard that puts all the relevant data at your fingertips, all in one place. For agencies, we can also offer an agency dashboard with your branding.
  • SEO reports, proposals, resources, and marketing via our Resource Center.

Your First 30 Days: Local Optimization Setup

In the first month of your local SEO package, we’ll set you up for success In addition to optimizing your website for local search, we’ll create and optimize your Google Business profile, a valuable marketing channel that can tremendously impact your sales. We’ll build citations in relevant level directories like Bing, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Foursquare, and deliver a minimum of 35 listings in high-trust level directories.

These enhance your digital footprint and increase your chances of getting in front of a searcher looking for a business like yours.

NEW Local Plus NEW Local Premium NEW Local Prime
Targeted Keywords 10 20 30
Initial Site Audit/Strategy Consultation
Analytics Setup: GA4, Search Console
Technical Optimization: Schema Markups
Google Business Profile Creation/Optimization
Essential Listings: (Yelp, Bing, Yellow Pages, Foursquare)
Citation Management (minimum 35 additional listings)

On-Page Content Optimization

Our team of local SEO package experts strategize content to produce helpful, locally-relevant content that will not only make it more attractive to search engines but also more engaging and valuable to your website visitors.

Our local SEO ranking packages will produce content that improves your visibility in Google results and drives more conversions.

NEW Local Plus NEW Local Premium NEW Local Prime
Month 1 Webpage Copywriting 4 pages 6 Pages 8 Pages
Month 1 On-Page Optimization:
Metadata, Title Tag, URL Rewrites
4 pages 6 Pages 8 Pages

Monthly Optimization

Local SEO is a long-term activity with lasting benefits. Because of this, our local SEO packages include monthly optimization activities that ensure consistent progress and compounding results.

You’ll get content marketing through monthly blogs on your site, with SEO-optimized, hyperlocal content relevant to your audience and service area. Each blog will be accompanied by a social media post promoting your content, helping drive more visits to your site because of the authoritative, valuable content you put out. Your Google Business Profile will also get updated regularly, keeping your content fresh and telling Google this profile is actively being managed.

With this long-term approach, your business can enjoy lasting benefits through increased visibility, online and in-store visits, leads, and sales.

NEW Local Plus NEW Local Premium NEW Local Prime
Monthly Content Marketing 1 blog post 2 blog posts 3 blog posts
Social Media Promotion of Content 1 social media post 2 social media posts 3 social media posts
Monthly Google Business Profile Posts144
Monthly Executive Reporting

Local SEO Package Add-ons

Local Booster

Our Local Booster is a supplementary solution to increase local ranking for our local SEO packages. Our local business SEO package included this with the purpose of providing local ranking quickly. This is done by including optimizations across relevant, niche-related directories, and local business listings, and citations.

Local Plus Local Premium Local Prime
Additional Business Listings
Directories and Aggregators

Ongoing Monthly Offers and Packages:

Monthly On-Page Content Optimization

Our local SEO packages have a team of experts providing continuous support to optimize your online presence. This includes high quality content creation, meta titles designed for your specific geo-locations, SEO enhanced descriptions, and technical on-page improvements.

Local Plus Local Premium Local Prime
SEO Road Map
Webpage Copywriting 3 Pages 3 Pages 3 Pages
Title Tag Optimization
Meta Description Optimization
URL Rewrites

Our rank-building strategy includes getting backlinks from relevant, high-value pages that tell Google you’re being talked about online– a good way to signal your online prominence and boost your rankings and visibility. These links from other sites can also bring traffic, increasing your visitors and the potential to get more customers.

Month 2 onwards
NEW Local Plus NEW Local Premium NEW Local Prime
Monthly Guest Post Linkbuilding 4 Links 5 Links 7 Links
DA10 Backlinks 1 2 2
DA20 Backlinks 2 12
DA30 Backlinks 1 1 2
DA40 Backlinks 1 1

Local Reputation Management

For Local SEO Prime package only. Reviews get views, which get traffic, which become customers. User reviews provide searchers with information about your business and how well you treat your customers. They also signal to Google that you can provide searchers with a positive experience.

In your first month, the Local SEO Prime package gives you access to a reputation management dashboard that lets you see all your reviews across multiple platforms at a glance. It also gives you access to tools like analytics, automation, and the creation of review pages that you can use to get more customer feedback, improve your business, and build a positive reputation online!

NEW Local Plus NEW Local Premium NEW Local Prime
Review Page Creation: QR codes, links for customer reviews
Reputation Management Platform Access
Review Analytics Setup

Local Reputation Management

For Local SEO Prime package only. Reviews get views, which get traffic, which become customers. User reviews provide searchers with information about your business and how well you treat your customers. They also signal to Google that you can provide searchers with a positive experience.

In your first month, the Local SEO Prime package gives you access to a reputation management dashboard that lets you see all your reviews across multiple platforms at a glance. It also gives you access to tools like analytics, automation, and the creation of review pages that you can use to get more customer feedback, improve your business, and build a positive reputation online!

Quarterly Optimization
NEW Local Plus NEW Local Premium NEW Local Prime
Continuous Content Maintenance per Quarter
Quarterly On-Page Optimization (per quarter):
Metadata, Title Tag, URL Rewrites
4 pages 6 Pages 8 Pages

Be the hero your customers need, when they need you.

Leave your contact details and one of our consultants will get in touch to find out how we can get more traffic to your site and store.

A Strong Local Presence
Drives More Foot Traffic and More Revenue

Achieving first page results for searches for businesses like ours is the goal of a local SEO package.

Think of the last time you performed an online search and which of the results grabbed your attention. You probably looked at the top three and clicked only on results that ranked on the first page. That would make you part of the 95% of potential customers who don’t even make it to the second page of search engine results.

For a local business, the requirements for landing on the first page include a well-optimized website and Google Business Profile, citation building, helpful and locally-relevant content, quality link building, and a strong local reputation.

Our local SEO packages give you a blueprint for ranking success. We’ll lay out the steps to elevate your business and get ranking results at competitive rates With this roadmap, your business will be on the path to landing on the first page of local search results!

Our Local SEO Packages Are The Best Packages For Your Business

Competition online is fierce, and your company’s revenue is at stake. Choosing the right local SEO package pricing will effectively make a huge impact on your business.  Below is a list of reasons our local SEO packages are the best choice for your company:

  • Get a Local SEO package with proven methodology-based solutions.

Optimizing your website and online business profiles dramatically increase your chances of appearing in the searches of local customers. Citation building also builds the credibility your business needs to attract customers. Backlinks also play a distinctive role in increasing prominence and ranking. We use all of these approaches for a strategy that will get your results.

  • We improve your local ranking on Google.

With more customers looking for services online, being on the front page of Google can be a major boost to your business. Our local business SEO package will give you access to a team that will help you rank for the keywords your customers use when they search for companies and products.

  • We drive highly-targeted leads to your door.

With a website optimized for local search and listings, customers in your area have the best chance to find your growing business. This means brand awareness increases and the gates are opened to high-quality leads. With more visits to your website, you have more visitors to convert into customers with well-targeted content.

  • We manage and control your online reputation.

An online reputation is important for any business because many online searches will also involve looking up a company’s reviews and ratings. Managing your reputation is especially important for local businesses where one bad review can affect sales. We’ll help manage that reputation with a convenient dashboard so you have eyes and ears everywhere people talk about you.

What are Local SEO Packages?

Our competitive local SEO package pricing is designed to suit your unique business needs.

Our team of experts for Google Business Profile Optimization will provide the best solutions to help you provide valuable information to customers, engage with your audience, and appear on local searches. We also offer multiple-location local SEO packages so any size business can benefit from our expertise.

The level of technical and on-page optimization needed for a business goal impacts which local SEO package pricing you will choose. To best determine how to choose a package, contact us for more details on local SEO pricing.

How do Local SEO Packages work?

Like national or organic SEO, local search engine optimization packages are a series of strategies that help increase Google search ranking. However, the primary difference between local and organic SEO is how these different strategies target their audience. For a business with customers from a specific area or region, local SEO is the best way to optimize your online presence for nearby searches. Local SEO strategies involve optimizing your NAP citations, online reviews, social media, and Google Business Profile.

At the core of any SEO strategy, whether it’s organic or local, is your website. This is a primary focus of our efforts, and we make sure that it is optimized for both search engines and visitor experience. Local optimization includes incorporating local keywords, or the search terms customers use, with compelling copywriting to engage and persuade your target audience and convert them into paying customers. We’ll also create content marketing blogs to help local customers with valuable, relevant content.

The Google Business Profile is an opportunity unique to local SEO. Because most local searches prominently display map results and Google Business Profiles, optimizing yours can give you a boost in traffic and leads. With more than 4 billion local searches on Google daily, Business Profile Optimization is a way to make sure that your potential customers can easily find, engage, and visit your business.

Proper citation building ensures a business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) are accurate and consistent across high-value, high-traffic directories such as Yelp and Google Business Profiles. Consistent and synchronized local company information builds credibility and trust with nearby targeted customers, helping promote foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores.

Our local SEO packages can also give you eyes and ears on online reviews related to your business. Our team monitors the sentiment of reviews from different sources online and helps you quickly respond to de-escalate and improve your online reputation and trustworthiness. Purchasing a local search package is similar to having your own PR team.

These strategies are part of our local SEO packages, with tiered pricing and inclusions based on several factors including:

  • How crowded or competitive your local market is
  • How optimized your competitors are
  • How quickly you want to see results

Which package works for you? You can check our pricing by setting up a free account.

Why choosing the right Local SEO Pricing Package is important

As you know, businesses come in different sizes based on how far along they are in growth. They all also have different models, strategies, and goals, and as a result, we offer various local SEO services at different pricing points.

The Local SEO Plus package is best for starting out, especially if you don’t have a lot of competition locally. For more aggressive campaigns where you want to drive results faster or rank against competitors who have already been optimizing their local SEO, the Local SEO Premium campaign, which pushes more content and optimizations more frequently, is ideal.

And if you want to dominate the local search results and/or want to go up against competitors that are also aggressively optimizing their online local presence, the Local SEO Prime package can give you the tools you need to rank.

If you don’t know which local SEO ranking package to choose for your growing  business, contact our experts!

FAQs on Local SEO Packages