It’s one of the biggest challenges for agencies of any size, new and old – getting new leads. Your agency can never stop developing its lead pipeline.

In How to Drive Leads to Your Agency, we show you how to align your lead generation goals with your target market and niche. We will discuss which digital marketing platforms are best for your agency and how to use Lead Magnets on your website to passively generate leads, now.

Key Takeaways

7:57 – Your first sale is your first handshake. The revenue from your first sale is what will fuel your ability to create your pipeline.

9:01 – One way to get clients is by passively generating leads. This involves a comprehensive inbound strategy: SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, and Social Media.

10:21 – More search visibility equals more relevant traffic equals more qualified leads.

 11:51 – The biggest thing that you have to make sure of in social media is you need to be on the social media sites your clients are going to be looking for.

12: 50 – If you have identified a niche, social media is the best way to target that niche.

13:36 – The function of content marketing is to get your content consumed by your target customers.

14:12 – The key to content marketing is consistency.

17:52 – Google’s remarketing feature is a great alternative to consistent content marketing.

21:33 – Make sure the visitors that get to your landing pages or website are converting. This means you’re getting their contact information so you can follow up and get them to close eventually. Use a lead magnet for this.

26: 48 – Passive lead generation is important for scaling your SEO business and finding leads for the future (warm leads). Active lead generation is how you find leads for today and actively investing your time and effort to begin the relationship with them.

27:51 – Three important things in active lead generation: Search for a cold lead; qualify the lead; and find common ground.

34:47 – Leverage cold emails or newsletters. But, do not attempt to close a lead via email. The objective of your cold email is to get your email opened and get a response.

36:39 – Don’t just randomly contact people. Set up a Calendly link or scheduling tool that you can use in your emails.