In How to Captivate Your Leads, Bernard and Will start by showing you how to qualify your leads based on where they are in the sales funnel, access to the decision maker, whether they have a genuine need, and the amount of time to purchase.

Then, the guys discuss segmenting your leads based on their needs and whether they’re cold, warm, or hot leads.

Finally, discover which type of email is ideal for which segment, what content they need access to and how you can help move them through the sales funnel to become paying customers.

Key Takeaways

03:11 Overview: Qualifying Your Leads, Segmenting Your Leads, Nurturing with Targeted Communication.

04:20 The difference between Passive & Active Lead Generation Efforts.

05:24 Qualifying Your Leads: Models you can use for qualifying your leads.

07:12 Basis of qualifying your leads.

08:33 Questions you can ask (for qualifying leads).

13:09 When to Disqualify Your Leads.

17:36 How to Prioritize Your Leads.

19:40 When to Sunset Your Leads.

22:17 How to segment your leads into Cold, Warm, and Hot.

25:00 Nurturing with Targeted Communication. Knowing what message to send at the right .moment

25:55 Communicating at the Right Time: Type of content to provide at their point in the buyer’s journey.

30:09 Automating Your Message (and Email sequences to use).

32:08 Sample Emails for cold, warm and hot leads.

34:39 Automate and how to use marketing automation lead.

36:52 Actionable steps:

  • Qualify your Leads – Use our qualification checklist.
  • Segment your leads according to their lead temperature – cold, warm, hot.
  • Use targeted emails – Send emails that correspond to the needs of your leads.
  • Automate communication – Set email sequences.

38:21 Q&A