As promised, here is the recording of our latest Boost Your Business webinar: The ABCs of Effective Prospecting.

Check out Bernard and Will as they give you the fundamental steps to prospecting complete with cold and warm email examples and how to do market research.

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Key Takeaways

[Downloadable versions of this transcript, the presentation deck, and other materials will be available in the Dashboard Resource Center]

02:00 Recap of the previous Webinar (How to Sell Local SEO Like a Pro)

03:26 Everything you need to build your agency in one plugin

06:10 Why prospecting is crucial? The goal of prospecting: convert interest into a conversation.

07:33 Example of a bad website layout

08:35 Example of a good website layout

09:09 Example of a bad Facebook Page

10:31 Example of a good Facebook Page

12:10 What do you need to do before prospecting? The Do’s and Don’ts before prospecting.

14:35 Good vs Bad LinkedIn Pages

16:30 The fundamental steps to prospecting

16:51 Selecting Niche: Market Research

19:13 Step 1 is to do Market Research + Growth Hack

20:27 Step 2 is targeting the right vertical + Growth Hack

28:00 Step 3 is building your network

33:00 Step 4 is to begin contacting your prospects

36:30: Bad example vs a good example of a warm email

39:35 Bad example vs a good example of a cold email

48:17 Step 5 is to Adapt and Improve

50:40 Step 6 is to nurture you leads

53:48 Actionable items to do right now

54:53 Q&A