What’s in Store for You?

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Fundamentals of Prospecting

We’ll go through a checklist you can use to guide you in your prospecting. Along with a discussion on why this is critical to your sales process.

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Lead Generation

We’re going to be discussing the key aspects of generating a lead list based on your target industry verticals.

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Driving Leads to Your Site

We’ll talk about how you can passively or actively drive leads to your agency site and of course how to prepare them for the close.

Webinar Speakers


CJ Masungsong

Marketing for Sales and Service

CJ has been doing Sales and Marketing for over 18 years. This includes working in SEOReseller helping agencies scale their business in the past decade, growing start-ups valuing at $2,500 per month to $100,000 per month. He is also a regular speaker at various Digital Marketing, Sales, and Leadership Certification Groups in Southeast Asia. Overall, He has worked with over 3000+ websites on their digital marketing campaigns for SEO, Paid Media, Web Development, and Social Media.


DC Gonzales

Operations and Accounts Transformation Lead

DC is a seasoned pro in Reseller Agency Growth. He has earned his stripes by going through a rich and diverse SEO and Digital Marketing background spanning over 6 years. He drives the operations and account management teams to peak performance. This includes 100% order fulfillment and service delivery, a 30% close rate for new sales and ramp-ups, and overall an unwavering commitment to supporting SEOReseller’s partner growth and success of their SEO campaigns.

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