Jampacked Sales Hacks for 2023!

All Salesmen think they’re good. But what if you can be great?

Join us this December 15, 2022, as we talk about the latest tips and tricks for selling Digital Marketing next year. Sign up now to learn from our sales experts.

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What Can You Expect?

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A Comprehensive View of Sales

We’ll discuss everything you need to know about Sales, Marketing, Lead Lifecycles, and Outsourcing.

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Expert Insight and Tips

Get advice from seasoned veterans. They’ll share tips, industry experiences, and guide you through the competitive aspects of Sales.

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Provide More Value to Prospects

Learn about the key techniques of Sales so you can create more meaningful relationships, help your pitches be more competitive, and attract more business.

Webinar Speakers


CJ Masungsong

Business Excellence Manager

CJ has been doing Sales and Marketing for over 15 years. This includes working in SEOReseller helping agencies scale their business in the past decade, growing start-ups valuing at $2,500 per month to $100,000 per month. He is also a regular speaker at various Digital Marketing, Sales, and Leadership Certification Groups in Southeast Asia. Overall, He has worked with over 3000+ websites on their digital marketing campaigns for SEO, Paid Media, Web Development, and Social Media.

Bernard San Juan III

Managing Consultant

Bernard is a prolific speaker on Digital Marketing specifically SEO and Search Marketing. He was at the helm of SEOReseller from 2011 to 2019 helping thousands of small businesses grow through the years. He lectures over 30 times a year on SEO, Content Marketing, SEM, e-Mail Marketing and Analytics. Bernard is an Instructor for The Digital Marketing Institute, and The Certified Digital Marketing Program. He’s also a resource speaker for Digital Marketing events across SEAsia.

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