Types of Monthly Packages from SEOReseller

At SEOReseller, we believe everyone should stick to what they do best, and that’s why we provide our services as a professional Shopify SEO company. So, you can focus on managing your business operations and supporting your customers while we improve the SEO of your Shopify site. 

Depending on your needs and objectives, you can choose among three different monthly Shopify SEO packages. 

All our packages include elements of technical SEO, in-page, and advanced technical search engine optimization. You can rely on our expert team to help you grow your Shopify site’s visibility and revenues. With E-commerce objectives at heart, our Shopify SEO services are designed to maximize rank-building activities to amplify positive traffic for your online retail business. After an introductory call where we can discuss your challenges and goals, we suggest a pre-intake website audit to help tailor our SEO Shopify plan. 

All SEOReseller packages include a site website audit and analysis, keyword research and optimization, on-page SEO optimization, Google Analytics setup, content writing, meta elements optimization and schema markups, and monthly reporting. 

Our team will also utilize the monthly reporting feature to provide additional Shopify SEO tips and recommendations for ongoing projects and as part of our follow-up activities. 

Why SEO is important for your website

SEO is on every business plan. But what does it stand for? SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and it is an essential part of managing the visibility of your website. 

What does it mean for your Shopify site to be visible online? Ultimately, visibility means that potential customers can find your store, discover your products or services, and make a purchase. The first place web users turn to when they need to find a product is a search engine. Indeed, over a third of worldwide ecommerce traffic comes from organic search. 

Google is the most popular search engine, holding approximately 90% of the worldwide search engine market. There are only 10 positions on each Google page, which means that higher ranking placements are more likely to receive more visits. Most web users only use the first result page. In other words, a potential customer is unlikely to find your Shopify store if it doesn’t appear on the first page. 

Additionally, Google makes over 70,000 searches every second, which is approximately 5.4 billion searches every day. Securing a high position on the result page can help your Shopify business take advantage of all relevant searches. 

While businesses can also use search engine marketing strategy and paid ads to be visible on search engine pages, it’s worth remembering that 8 in 10 customers click on organic SEO results rather than advertising. 

In essence, you can measure the role of SEO for your Shopify site in terms of conversions. If a prospective buyer doesn’t find your website among the organic search results on the page, they are more likely to buy from a competitor. SEO allows you to boost your ranking on the search engine result pages and attract potential customers to generate new sales. 

SEO services focus on essential on-page and in-code ranking factors:

  • Keyword research and optimization
  • Quality content
  • Technical HTML optimization 

Indeed, search engines need to crawl websites and index their content accordingly. The page web visitors get to see is very different from what crawlers see. Shopify SEO companies focus on optimizing content for both visitors and search engines to ensure the best SEO results. 

Our Shopify SEO services are designed to improve your search engine visibility to attract new customers and establish your authority in your field. We provide three SEO packages to suit your Shopify store objectives and requirements. All our packages meet the essential on-page and in-code ranking criteria optimization, so you can rest assured your website will be equipped to be visible in Google’s search results. 

Optimizing a Shopify Website

Shopify has grown in popularity over the past few years. According to BuiltWith usage statistics, the number of ecommerce stores built with Shopify CMS has more than doubled since October 2017. 

Since we have a long experience working with the CMS as a Shopify SEO agency, we are keen to share our favorite tips for Shopify SEO optimization. 

Indeed, each CMS platform has a unique set of features and restrictions that can require specific SEO adjustments. Shopify allows websites to create a blog for generating additional content, and to add redirect links. But it is worth knowing that the Shopify CMS can also create SEO challenges, such as forced URL structures and duplicate content and page titles. 

What is duplicate content, and why is it harmful to SEO?

The highest Shopify SEO priority is to get rid of duplicate content created by the platform. As part of our Shopify SEO services, we run a preliminary audit of your website to capture all duplication issues. 

Shopify creates duplicate content by copying already existing content onto a different URL. This can happen in two ways on the Shopify CMS: 

  • The CMS duplicates collections pages as part of the pagination
  • The CMS duplicates product pages by default

Search engines find it hard to define which version of the content to include as part of the indexing process, which can affect the results appearing on the search pages. It can also affect your domain authority in the long term. 

Unique indexing and crawling features in Shopify stores

As a CMS, Shopify automatically creates a robots.txt file, which helps search engines crawl your site. The robots-txt file essentially lets crawlers know which areas are disallowed, aka which areas can’t be crawled. Typically, the CMS disallow crawling for pages that might contain confidential data or irrelevant data for your ranking, such as:

  • Admin
  • Order
  • Checkout and shopping cart
  • Policies page

However, this could affect your SEO rankings. Therefore, it is essential to adjust the file accordingly to boost your ranking and get more pages crawled. 

Shopify also allows website admins to add the noindex tag to exclude specific pages from the robits.txt file, so you have more control over what crawlers see. 

Maximizing the Shopify blog feature

We recommend content creation to our SEO clients to boost their search engine visibility. One of the least utilized Shopify SEO features is the blog functionality, which many merchants fail to take advantage of. Blog articles can increase visibility and ranking, as it means the site can rank for more than one URL:

  • Product page
  • Blog article

Consolidating expired content

What happens to old pages? When you change the URL of a page or create a new page that might include some of the content of an older URL, it’s best practice to create a 301 redirect link. It means the page has been moved permanently to the new URL. 

Shopify has a redirect feature to ensure that old content doesn’t affect your site. It reduces the risk of broken links if you remove the old page and ensures there is no duplicate content. 

Adding structured data

Structured data provides search engines with additional information to understand the content. As part of our Shopify SEO services, we review the structure data features within the CMS for product data and article data. 

Improving Shopify site speed

The most common complaint we hear from our Shopify clients is the slow load time. Shopify can be faster than a lot of ecommerce platforms, but compared to other sites, load times can be slow. This can affect your SEO results. 

Ecommerce SEO for Shopify websites

Our team of experts at SEOReseller also delivers an ecommerce SEO strategy compliant with the Shopify CMS. Indeed, we never forget that our Shopify SEO services must target:

  • The unique CMS features and weaknesses


  • Essential ecommerce SEO strategies encompassing real-time Google Analytics data, monthly trends, campaign performance tracking, traffic metrics, and keywords rankings. 

Our ecommerce services are tailored to your website, using our analysis and SEO audit for guidance. We determine the best approach for on-page and off-page SEO for optimization. We work with analytical tools and reporting solutions to track traffic metrics, keyword ranking, and your unique SEO KPIs. 

SEO Services for Shopify websites

No two Shopify stores are the same. Therefore, we ensure our SEO Shopify services are uniquely tailored to your needs, budget, and business goals. 

Shopify site SEO audit

Our SEOReseller consultants run a comprehensive audit of your Shopify store to identify and diagnose issues and ranking opportunities. The audit includes SEO ranking factors for ecommerce sites, unique Shopify features, and the overall SEO health of your digital presence in terms of backlink quality, online reputation, existing content, etc. 

Keyword research and strategy

We identify your target audience and research the most relevant high performing keywords to drive qualified leads and increase your conversions. The keyword research helps create a content strategy and an optimization plan for your site. 

On-page optimization

We ensure your pages are optimized for ranking, including meta tags, page content, sitemap, schema org, header tags, and images. We also boost your SEO performance by eliminating Shopify duplicate content and improving page speed. 

Shopify content writing

We take advantage of the Shopify blog feature to produce quality content that can optimize ranking for unique keywords. Quality content can also improve your DA and attract qualified traffic and quality links. 


We provide a monthly report that reviews your MoM performance and identifies new opportunities. SEO experts for Shopify use rank and metric tracking tools such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, and many more to measure your SEO key performance indicators. 

Why are our SEO Services trusted by businesses?

It’s no wonder that SEOReseller is a favorite Shopify SEO company for many of our clients. We rely on our SEO experience to build strategies that can transform businesses. Our team is in a position to take advantage of content creation and highly specialized tech factors to maximize SEO performance. 

  • Over 386 million organic visitors are driven to our clients’ websites every year through our SEO services. 
  • Detailed monthly reporting to keep track of your SEO performance and create new opportunities for growth
  • Over 40,000 quality content pieces produced to boost SEO performance annually
  • Fully managed services that adjust to suit your needs and your situation
  • Strategic SEO campaigns with proven results
  • Budget-friendly service packages

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FAQs on Shopify SEO

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With a variety of Shopify SEO services available, we appreciate it can be confusing to find the right Shopify SEO agency for your business. We are committed to making a difference through our experience and understanding of SEO for our clients. That’s why we are proud to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations and build digital success with them.

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