Selling SEO The Right Way

Hosted by Bernard San Juan III and William Kramer

Learn how to sell effectively and efficiently to more prospects, and build stronger customer relationships with a powerful emotional hook.

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Key Takeaways

03:36 Know what you’re selling. What drives your clients to buy?

06:37 They want something personalized, they want predictability and they want something consistent.

13:45 How SEO addresses an opportunity, solves a problem and eases friction.

16:11 Are you prepared to sell? Talk value. This means talking about the value of your product, why is it valuable to your clients. Then do a thorough prep before you sell.

17:00 Do a thorough prep before you sell. Do your homework.

25:19 Identify the BANT

29:03 Build Desire. Ask yourself, are you building desire? Are you emphasizing a need for the service?

29:44 SEO should be a part of the hygiene of your business. Identify what they need SEO for.

30:00 Map out your SEO workflow

38:17 Close and reinforce

38:25 Get their emotional buy-in

40:20 Priming. What is it and how do you close a pitch?

43:29 The closing question that always landed a yes.

45:06 Reinforcing. Always end on a positive note. Never end your pitch with this statement.

49:00 Conclusion:

Don’t offer a service, offer a solution

Prep before you sell, do your homework

Close your pitch with a commitment from the prospect

Reinforce by ending the conversation on a positive note.

QA Session

Q: When selling SEO how do I justify the package when the client is just interested in just getting backlinks.

A: Go back to understanding what the goals are and then reviewing the workflow that goes with those goals. Ask them why they‘re going after the Backlinks. Make them understand the positive effects of SEO and not just backlinks. Try to navigate to the core of why the client only wants a certain service and more often than not, you will find a way to make them see the value of getting the entire package.