About the Client

The client is a clinic offering physical therapy, pain reduction, and injury recovery treatments. Serving patients within their community, the client has established a solid patient base in their location and maintained their reputation as a renowned physical rehabilitation clinic.



With medical industries entering into the digital space, physical rehabilitation offices are upping their strategies to be more visible to their audience. This prompted the client to approach our agency partner to help them improve their overall presence. The goal of their paid ads campaign centered on the following:


Retain their online presence within their target location

Scale internal processes

Increase the number of their phone call inquiries

grow revenue

Improve their conversions and get more inquiries from search results

Key Challenges

The client is no stranger to the opportunities available in the digital landscape. While they’ve employed different strategies to maintain visibility, the client has encountered a few bumps in the road that affected their performance:

Little Impact from Their Existing Paid Ads Campaigns

The client has previous experience in Google Ads. However, upon diving into their account, we found that their existing paid ads campaigns are not optimized for conversions. This means the client is getting little to no impact on their ads.

Limited Budget Allocation on Top Performing Services

Looking into their Google Ads campaign setup, we found they have multiple service ad groups in a single campaign. This, in turn, limits the client from making the best use of their budget allocation on top performing services.

No Visibility Over Conversions

The client has a contact form on their website but doesn’t have a Thank You page as confirmation for every inquiry they receive. This limits their ability to track form submissions.


Our Turnkey Solutions

Optimizing their Paid Ads Campaigns

CTR Improvements on PPC Campaign

Following the best practices, we recommended our PPC strategy in optimizing the client’s Google Search Ads. This includes the following:

Proper Keyword Targeting: We added keywords that are not related to the business as negative keywords. Most of these keywords include the terms DIY, video, training, and how-to.
Bid Adjustments: We made bid adjustments to mobile devices for the reason that we can only track Phone Call inquiries for their Google Ads account. 
Setting to Maximize Conversions: Once we were able to get data on conversions, we switched bidding to Maximize Conversions. This automatically sets bids to help the client get more conversions from their paid ads budget. optimization
Campaign adjustments: Based on the performance of their ads in the last three months, we paused ad groups with the least performing keywords in terms of conversions but with a high cost per click. 

Proper Campaign Setup

The first thing our team did was to set up their Google Ads campaigns properly. We segmented their campaigns into the following: General Ortho, Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Foot & Ankle, Sports Medicine, Hand, Wrist, Elbow, Pediatric Ortho, and Joint Replacement.

We also implemented the following:

Keyword Bidding: We used Manual CPC to have higher control of our bids for the client’s target keywords.
Expanded Text Ads: We added two sets of Expanded Text Ads per ad group for A/B testing. The ad group that yields better results will be retained, while new ad copy variations will be further created and optimized based on the A/B test.
Extensions: We implemented Callouts, Sitelinks, Structured Snippets, and Call Extension on their ads.
Conversion Performance of PPC Campaign


Within just six months since they started their paid ads campaign, the client started showing improvements in their conversions performance. We also improved and maintained a consistent clickthrough rate for their campaigns.

More of their notable improvements include:

Consistent Phone Call conversions to their website in six months of running the campaigns
The peak CTR performance reached as high as 6.11%,which is 2 times higher than industry standards
The average CPC became lower by 18.25%, allowing us to generate more clicks with the same monthly spend and bring more value to the client


With our continuous optimization and tracking their paid ads performance, the client was able to drive more conversions and further increase their customer base. 

As paid ads require thorough monitoring, our partner continued to offer them guidance in how they can strengthen their online presence and make sure every dollar they spend on their ads delivers results for their business.