How Local SEO Improved Conversions for a Dog Trainer Service Provider

We implemented the best local SEO practices to help improve the client’s conversions and get more inquiries for their dog and puppy training service website. See how our Local SEO Service provided more value to the client’s business.

About the Client

Dog trainer service as local SEO client

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the client offers dog and puppy training services specializing in obedience training and behavior modification. With years of experience in canine behavior, they were able to establish a customer base in their local area.


Maintaining a strong online presence is no longer an option for businesses today. It’s a necessity. That’s why when the client approached our partner agency, their objectives revolved around the following:

Improve their website’s ranking to be locally relevant

Boost inquiries and coming from local search results

Drive more visits to their website and get more foot traffic

Key Challenges

The client’s strength lies in its good reputation and relationship with existing customers. However, their online presence is not as strong and doesn’t provide the extra push to get more visitors to their website. With our local SEO services, we aim to help the client address the following challenges:

Limited Traffic and Conversions

The lack of online presence on local results limits the amount of traffic that goes to the client’s website. In turn, this affects the number of leads they can convert.

Lack of Relevance on Local Search

Upon doing an SEO audit, we noticed the client doesn’t have much online traction on local search results. This lack of relevance affects how they are reaching customers, especially within their community. 

Our Turnkey Solutions

Target keywords for local SEO

Keyword Targeting

Keyword research is the foundation of an effective local SEO strategy. To make sure the client improves their relevance and visibility in their local area, we focused our SEO efforts on five geo-targeted keywords: 

  • Dog trainer Jacksonville FL
  • Dog training Jacksonville FL
  • Dog board and train Jacksonville FL
  • Dog obedience training Jacksonville FL
  • Puppy training Jacksonville FL

We optimized two landing pages that are contextually relevant to these target keywords to improve their rankings.

Local Citations and Google My Business Optimization

Our local SEO strategy includes building citations on local websites, listings, and directories that the client’s target audience visits. 

We also optimized the client’s Google My Business profile to help the client appear on Google Map search results and the Local Snack Pack. This involved updating their Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) to make it easier for customers to contact their business and visit their location.

Appearing on Google maps with optimized GMB

Number of users improving after optimizing the site

Representation of the client’s website getting more users after starting their local SEO project

On-page and Technical Optimization

Based on our findings in the initial SEO audit, we optimized the website’s on-page elements to improve its performance and include their target keywords. These includes:

  • Meta Data optimization
  • Image alt tag optimization
  • Content creation and optimization
  • Local schema implementation
  • Pagespeed improvements

After optimizing the client’s website, we started building high-quality backlinks to websites that are relevant to their industry and have a high Domain Authority.


With the client’s campaign still active, they were able to see improvements with their website. They started getting consistent growth in traffic, which contributes to more engagements with their customers.

Improvement on the website's customer actions
  • The client’s target keywords reached first page positions on search results. 
  • The website gets an average of 10% conversion rate, producing an estimate of 70 phone calls in a span of 30 days. 
  • Google My Business data shows the following improvements:
    • 89 phone calls
    • 345 website visits
    • 136 search users requesting directions to their location


Following our SEO methodology, the client was able to expand their local reach in their community. Optimizing their local listings and Google My Business also allowed them to get reviews from happy customers, further strengthening their reputation and getting more inquiries. 

The campaign has been running for 16 months now. The client and our agency partner working with them continue to reap the benefits with their SEO success.

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