About the Client

The client is an ecommerce website supplying a range of fencing, deck railings, and gate materials for residential and commercial properties in the US. They are the first in the industry to sell fencing and gate installation materials online, allowing them to establish a presence in the home improvement industry. 

With over 10 years of running their ecommerce website, the client has built a stable customer base and established its brand in the home improvement retailing industry.



Being in the home improvement vertical, the client is focused on establishing their online presence and increasing their overall revenue. Upon approaching our partner, the goal of their campaign centered on:


Build their digital footprint with more traffic and leads

Scale internal processes

Drive more sales to their website through organic search

grow revenue

Improve online visibility with targeted commercial keywords

Key Challenges

While the home improvement industry being a highly competitive niche, the client recognizes the potential growth opportunities for their business by addressing the following challenges:

Recover from Their Google Penalty

Many ecommerce businesses are quick to “wing” their way to improving their online rankings, resulting in penalties from Google. The client’s website was affected by the Penguin update, which had a significant impact on their rankings.

Get Targeted Traffic

Our initial website audit shows the client is not ranking for targeted keywords that drive visitors who are likely to transact with their business.


Our Turnkey Solutions

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Graphical representation of the agency’s spend with us. Their digital marketing services have a markup of 2.0x to 3.0x from our base price with wholesale discount.

The first thing our team did was to identify the causes of the website’s Google penalty and implement remedies to regain its rankings at the next algorithm update. 

With a technical audit, we analyzed the on-page and off-page performance of the website. We reviewed the website’s content and checked its quality and relevance to their audience, target keywords, and overall brand. 

Fixing website issues was also a top priority. We dedicated web development hours to fix minor issues on the website, such as slow site speed.

Applying the best practices to elevate their client’s online performance, we recommended our SEO service to build the basics for their website. This includes the following:

Building the Basics

The first thing our team did was to set up their Google Ads campaigns properly. We segmented their campaigns into the following: General Ortho, Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Foot & Ankle, Sports Medicine, Hand, Wrist, Elbow, Pediatric Ortho, and Joint Replacement.

We also implemented the following:

Target customer analysis and buyer persona creation: To determine the best keywords and write content for the website, we developed a buyer persona profile for the business.  
Keyword research: Based on their ideal customer profiles, we identified their target keywords and tracked them into the dashboard. This enabled us to monitor ranking movement for targeted search terms.  
Website Optimization: We proceeded to optimize relevant pages and content. Using  the target keywords, we start linking contextually related pages with one another. 
Link Building: Our team reached out to high domain authority online publications and blogs to develop articles that produce backlinks for the website. 


Within just two months since they started their SEO project, the client’s website showed a significant increase in their rankings. In two years of running a campaign with us, we were able to hit all of their goals:

98% increase in organic conversions
175% growth in total revenue
40% increase in unique transactions
97% increase in the average order value
31,280 search volume of targeted terms ranking on the first page

Happy with the results, the client continues to run their SEO campaigns with us – 64 months and counting!


Combining SEO with website design fixes, the client’s ecommerce site was able to improve their rankings and drive the right traffic. 

Our partner working with them also continued to provide guidance in terms of their online strategies and get insights from our SEO specialists, so the client’s website doesn’t hit another Google penalty. 

Setting the cadence for their SEO, the client also maintained consistent growth month over month. With our recommendations, the client was able to achieve 1,751.8% ROI on their organic spend – they’re now at the seven-digit revenue mark.