About The Agency

The agency is a business consultancy offering various process solutions to over 2,000 small and large businesses in United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

They are experts in their own right – providing sustainable business advisory to a solid client base within their community.

Part of their growth plan is to provide digital solutions to their clients, which led to the inception of their digital marketing arm, and working with us as their white label SEO service provider.



With their focus on adding digital marketing solutions to their product offerings and going beyond business consultancy, the goals of our partner when they joined us were:


Jumpstart their digital marketing arm to provide and execute digital marketing strategies for their clients.

Scale internal processes

Scale internal processes to accommodate fulfillment and deliver high-end digital marketing solutions

grow revenue

Build a new line of business to grow their revenue while still maintaining the existing services

Key Challenges

As our partner’s main business is consultancy services, they did not have a “digital only” solution for their clients, which was their main challenge as they expanded into digital marketing. On our initial conversation with them, we were able to identify the following issues:

Lack of Experts

They did not have any in-house talents with a background in digital marketing, which is key to strategizing and implementing their solutions for clients and prospects.

High costs to hire local account managers

Upon research on Australian wages, it would have been costly for our partner to hire local account managers. This would affect their capacity to maintain competitive rates.

Lack of an experienced sales team

Entering into the digital marketing arena requires expert salespeople who can understand the needs of their client. They do not have a sales team with the right business acumen to make impactful recommendations for their clients’ digital marketing campaigns.

Key Challenges

Our Turnkey Solutions

Reinforcing Their Digital Solutions

SEO Bar Graph

Focusing on what works best for their market, we recommended a full-suite of our digital marketing solutions: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media services interweaved with one another.

By mid-2016, a select group of businesses from their community already had a campaign running with the agency and multiple projects on-going. By outsourcing their services, this enabled their business to survive exponential growth and shrinkage on demand, without breaking the business model.

As 2017 rolled in, they ventured into web development projects and started to create custom website designs for their clientele.

To manage their web development projects more efficiently, we assigned a Web Development Project Manager who coordinates consistently with their stakeholders on a staff-lease basis.

This enabled their team to focus on strengthening the relationship with their clients, while our team became the subject matter experts their Account Managers could depend on.

Developing Their Expertise Pool

Our Agency Consultants are the first of our team, that all of our partners get to know. Not only do they handle campaigns for our Partner Agency. They provided the following:

Webinars – To help the agency’s clients be more familiar with digital marketing and understand what results to expect.
Resources And Training – To help the agency’s in-house account managers improve their close rate.
Recommendations For Growth – Our Agency Consultants are growth-oriented experts in proper implementation for campaigns, provide aid and assistance in general marketing initiatives.

Bringing Our Team on Board

To address talent dependency issues of the agency and eliminate the need for their in-house team to undergo product and process training, we provided them with Dedicated Agency Account Managers and Senior Business Consultants.

Q1 of 2017:

2 Dedicated Agency Account Managers
20 to 25 campaigns per Account Manager


3 Dedicated Agency Account Managers
More than 60 campaigns per Account Manager


In less than two years, the agency reached the following results with help from our experts:

Expanded digital marketing services from a la carte to comprehensive solutions
Upwards trend in monthly sales, with a 39 – 42% profit margin
Over $160,000 sales on all digital services
111 active projects, 54 recurring marketing campaigns
$2,200 monthly average revenue per client on digital marketing services
Increase in campaign numbers:
– Average campaign duration: 12 months
– Longest running campaign: 30 months and still going
Entered into a Google Premiere Partnership


With their new digital marketing offerings, the agency was able to extend their services beyond their community and introduce new solutions to their existing clients. This allowed them to build a stable client base, with a laser focus on retention.

Initially a business consultancy, the agency was able to create a new revenue source as a full-service digital marketing provider.

The additional value of their digital marketing services brought record-breaking revenue and profitability. From mid-2018 until today, the agency has maintained steady growth.

With their Google Premiere Partnership and expanded Search Engine Marketing offerings, the agency was able to increase their quarterly Google ad spend across their client base.