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Google Search Trims Down 7-Pack SERPS — Why?

Google Search Trims Down 7-Pack SERPS

This just in: Google is realigning its local search results to make room for streamlined local business suggestions.
What’s happening?
Google has reportedly been trying different layouts for local searches in line with its Material Design, but that is not what’s causing the buzz. Searches involving the hospitality, food, and entertainment sectors have started showing 3-pack […]

Google to Remove Unverified GMB Listings

Google to Remove Unverified GMB Listings

Google has announced that it will begin shutting down unverified Google+ Local pages on July 28, 2015. After the update, any pages not associated with an actual account will no longer be viewable. Based on a previous announcement, long-inactive accounts that do not respond to contact attempts from the Google My Business team will […]

What Does Going Local Mean? Official Blog

Online marketers optimize websites for different audience segments. But in an attempt to target everyone, some end up speaking to no one. If you want your target customers to find your business easily, you should embrace local SEO.

Local SEO is the perfect solution if you’re testing the waters. It increases your online presence, which […]

Google’s Hummingbird: Were You Hit? Official Blog

At Google’s 15th anniversary, they announced that they have rolled out Hummingbird, an entirely new algorithm that helps Google interpret complex questions better. This new algorithm changed the way Google reads queries in that they now understand context and interpret meanings of complete sentences beyond the literal, allowing users to stop using targeted keywords […]

Study: 90% of Business Owners and Consumers Trust Yelp Reviews Official Blog

The impact of claiming and optimizing Yelp listings reverberates from your local search optimization campaigns to your clients’ engagement with their target market. An infographic based on a study recently released by merchant payment solutions provider Merchant Warehouse shows that 90% of business owners and consumers using Yelp say positive reviews influence their purchasing […]

Moz Releases 2013 Local Search Ranking Factors Official Blog

Moz has released the results of their yearly Local Search Ranking Factors survey, and the results are consistent: the lines between organic, local, social and mobile are blurring, and optimizing all three is essential in ranking you for local SERPs.
Place Page and On-Page Signals the Highest Influencers
The overall results showed that place page signals […]

Google Launches New Maps Interface Official Blog

Good news for all local businesses and online map users: Google announced recently that they are changing the interface of Google Maps. The brand new look comes with many improvements that integrates local seo, social media and search in one rich mapping platform. The change aims to make Maps more personalized and intuitive for […]

Google Places is Being Upgraded to Google+ Local Official Blog

Good news for all business owners, especially local businesses – Google finally began the process of upgrading Google Places to Google+ Local. The latest updates they are rolling out will make the system more user-friendly. It will feature faster updates and Google AdWords integration, making it a more powerful local online marketing tool than […]

Send Your Prospects to Device Specific Landing Pages Official Blog

The explosive growth in the use of smartphones and tablets have resulted in responsive web design. Not only has the design changed, but where the website prospects are sent. Google’s new update allows PPC advertisers to send users not just to specific URLs at the keyword level, but to device specific landing pages as […]

SEO Performance Should Be Measured by Organic Conversions Official Blog

Measuring your SEO performance is very difficult today because there is no standard formula for determining success. It’s important to give your clients a measure of success that clearly shows how your progress benefits their business. I always am asked about what metrics to measure and why these are important, and I want to […]