the right blend of backlinks & how to get them in 90 days

with live critique from Clayton Wood of SEOReseller.com

About The Hosts

Clayton Wood

As Marketing Director part of his responsibilities are to help users understand how backlinks work. He’s spoken at numerous events & has authored pieces in a number of publications including Moz, SmartInsights, SEJ, and more.

Bernard San Juan

Bernard not only loves talking about backlinks but he’s got the experience to support it. He’s successfully managed hundreds of backlink campaigns for clients.

What People Have Said About Our Previous Webinars

John Leinhoutz
Love SEOReseller.com webinars. Very useful information covering all the details of what I need for marketing. Thanks!

Marie Rassup
Thanks for this webinar, I’ve been looking for information on this topic and never could find any, much needed.
Robert Koffman
Very informative webinar today. Lots of good information and great take aways. Thanks a ton for all the info.

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