SEO for Veterinarians: Optimize Your Online Visibility To Generate New Client Leads

SEOReseller specializes in developing veterinary SEO services to help veterinarians build a strong online presence resulting in quality leads, phone calls, and appointments.

How Can A Veterinarian SEO Company Provide Beneficial Services?

Thorough and properly implemented veterinary SEO strategy will allow veterinarians to engage with the highest number of potential clients — many of whom need the veterinarian SEO services you offer right away.

When you choose to work with SEOReseller, you can expect the following results for your veterinary SEO services:

More Visibility

Your office will appear in more valuable searches, like when someone in your community searches “vets near me” and reach more customers looking for a veterinarian to help their furry family members.

More Valuable Leads

You’ll receive more inbound leads from interested pet owners. On average, our clients see a 67% increase in form submissions.

Surpass Local Competition

As a veterinarian, you want to rank in the ‘Local Pack.’ This is where 42% of internet users click when searching for services — When ranked here, businesses tend to see, on average, a 59% increase in phone calls in less than 5 months.

Google My Business Dashboard

See increased revenue by increasing exposure, phone calls, and leads by implementing a veterinary SEO marketing plan.

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Why Is SEO Veterinary Important for Veterinarians?

As a veterinarian, you want to be your community’s go-to business for all their furry friends’ healthcare needs. To do that you have to stay above the competition — which means investing in veterinary SEO services to optimize your website.

Take a look at the following statistics about how the internet impacts the decisions of many people in need of services: 

50% of all mobile searches are done in hopes of being able to find local results
“Near me” searches for veterinarians yield an average monthly search volume of 450,000
The top five results in a Google search get 68% of all clicks

To maintain a steady influx of new clients, your veterinary practice SEO must stand out online. To do that, your office needs a solid veterinary SEO marketing plan.

Why Invest in a Veterinarian SEO Company Versus PPC?

Here’s how we like to think about it.

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a short -term solution that requires a lot of effort, time, and a high budget. Pay per click campaigns can range anywhere from $10 – $50 per click!
Search Engine Optimization (SEO),on the other hand, offers long-term results by generating leads for years — if it’s done the right way. Although the initial investment might seem higher, you’re saving money in the long-haul and getting better results.

Investing in an SEO veterinary digital marketing strategy for vets will not only improve the longevity of your marketing dollars but provide you with more quality leads, phone calls, and appointments.

SEOReseller Implements the Best SEO Strategies for Veterinarians

Local SEO Veterinarian and Google Business Profile

Local SEO for veterinarians focuses on your online presence within your community. People searching for `veterinarians in [city]” want to find the best veterinarian without wasting a lot of time. Veterinarian SEO services help your business show up in the top results — where the majority of internet users click to find the services they need. 

In order to rank at the top, as part of the “Google Local Pack,” your practice will need to establish a Google Business Profile page — followed by integrating said GMB profile onto your website. 

By creating a GMB profile, you are providing potential clients with information like your address, hours, services your practice offers, and reviews. 

On-Page SEO Optimization

Google’s algorithm is continuously crawling your website. While crawling veterinarian websites, it evaluates the technical backend for things like: 

In addition, their web crawlers examine the technical side of your website to make sure it makes sense, for example: 

URL Structure — is it easy for search engines and searchers to understand what the page will be about? 
Title Tag — does the title indicate what’s covered on the page?
Meta Description — this can affect the click-through rate. This is typically where searchers decide if the content is relevant to their searchr headers include key topics
Header Tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) — are you correctly categorizing the information on the page
Keywords — are the keywords relevant to the topics on your webpages?
Internal and External Links — high authority links help your webpages build trust with search engines

On-page SEO for veterinarians involves evaluating your website, identifying the best keywords for vets, and enhancing your URL structure, title tags, etc. to ensure that your website is optimized to its fullest potential.

Website Content Development

Google, and other search engines, are constantly evaluating the content on your website to decide if it adds value to users searching for topics your website covers. 

Industry experts agree that websites without a quality SEO marketing plan have very few chances of ranking against competitors that have a high-quality SEO strategy — this includes what content is on their website. 

What kind of content would search engines expect to see from a veterinarian? Blog topics, like: 

First Aid For Your Pets
Top 10 Wellness Tips For Your Dog
How to Handle Your Pets Behavioral Issues

Producing consistent quality content and a content calendar takes time, time that most (if not all) veterinarians don’t have — you’re busy taking care of animals’ needs.  Instead of stressing over how to find the time, let our team of content creators take care of it for you.

Optimal User Experience

SEO Strategies for veterinarians involve creating an optimal user experience. Without it, visitors will leave your website very quickly. To keep users on your website, your office’s website needs to:  

Be mobile-friendly
Use simple, easy-to-navigate menus
Have a contact form that is easy to use 
Operate at an optimal site speed with no slow-loading pages
Get rid of any 404 errors — (missing pages)
Utilize an optimized contact form

SEOReseller’s Veterinary Seo Services

Creating veterinary SEO marketing plans is one of our specialties. We combine rank-building initiatives and help vets improve online traction and stay at the top of search engine results.

Our Veterinarian SEO services include:

Performance audits
On-page and off-page SEO veterinary optimization
Google Business Profile setup and website integration
Research on the best SEO keywords for veterinarians
Content creation — blogs, landing pages, etc. 
Lead tracking and reporting
Keyword Research
Content Creation
Website Audit
Content Audit
On-page SEO
Off-page SEO
Technical SEO
Lead Tracking
SEO Reporting
SEO Dashboards

Every industry and business are similar and different in many ways. Hence, the similarities and differences of methods and approaches when doing SEO for businesses. As industrial SEO experts, we’d say that industries have 80% similar practices in search engine optimization and about 20% differences.

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