Everything Your Agency Needs. One White Label Dashboard.

Your white label dashboard is the center of the SEOReseller SEO management software and it’s packed with features that help your agency succeed.

Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking

Track and manage all your leads in one place – whether from your site audit widget or forms on your website.

White Label Reporting

Branded Executive Summary Report sent to you and your clients. Transparency via regular and timely reports.

White Label Resources

Pitch kits, presentation decks, white papers, and more – with your brand. Designed to help educate, sell, and explain.

White Label SEO Dashboard

The most comprehensive SEO dashboard in the business – with your brand on it. It’s a powerful sales tool.

Reputation Management

Give clients a front row seat as you build, manage and promote their brand. Create monthly revenue for you.

White Label PPC Dashboard

Track the performance of ad groups, ads and individual keywords. Give your clients and they see your brand.

SEO Software

Keep Tabs on Targeted Keywords and More with Our SEO Software

Keyword Performance

Check all tracked keywords at a glance including position, location, week-to-date and month-to-date improvements and the number of monthly organic searches.

Monthly Keyword Trend

Analyze individual keyword performance with the monthly trend feature. It displays the beginning ranking, month-to-month performance, and the current ranking.

Link Building Activities

Backlinks are critical to search results ranking position and nobody builds backlinks better than SEOReseller. Easily check where backlinks are coming from.

Metadata Snapshots

A page’s metadata is what drives people to click results on the results page. Easily see meta title and meta description of each page and targeted keywords.

A CRM to Track, Manage, and Contact Leads

Keep all your contacts in one place with our free CRM for agencies, 

Our CRM provides you with an efficient way to collect and connect to leads coming your way. Easily identify leads to qualify, nurture, and follow up so you can start getting more business for your agency. 

  • Add new contacts and export leads
  • Track lead status
  • Organize leads in one dashboard

Discover Your Most Promising Clients with the Lead Finder

Instant way to generate and qualify leads, our Lead Generator makes it easier to find your next clients.

Use our lead generation tool to capture prospects in a target location and niche, assess their digital marketing needs, and start nurturing them. All the information you need on leads, you’ll get in minutes.

Provide a Comprehensive SEO Audit in Minutes

Need an SEO analysis? Our SEO Audit tool can do the work for you. 

Give leads and clients a sneak peek of their website’s health and performance instantly with our SEO Audit tool. Our SEO Audit includes you all the essential website data in a neat, easy to understand document. Present SEO metrics, identify improvements, and provide clear recommendations to start boosting website performance.

Build Proposals That Improve Your Close Rate

Get proposals without building them from scratch. Our Proposal Builder makes it easier for you to create proposals for your digital marketing offers – SEO, Web Design, Paid Ads, and Social Media. 

Customize with your brand and add your lead’s information to create proposals – it’s that easy. Now all you need to do is pitch!

Supplement your sales pitch and sell with more confidence. Start using the Proposal Builder today.

Proposal Builder

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation That Makes Lead Nurturing A Breeze

Start building relationships with your leads. Our Marketing Automation provides you with email sequences to simplify your lead nurturing process and turn leads into prospects. 

Communicate with your leads consistently and provide them value at every stage with custom emails. Everything you need is in one dashboard – all you have to do is automate!

Tools to Solidify Your Client’s Online Presence

Take full control of your client’s online presence with four tools packed in our Reputation Management dashboard. 

Monitor what customers are saying, get positive reviews, and build your client’s presence on top online directories. Our Reputation Management dashboard provides you the solution to amplify positive branding for clients.

Reputation Management Dashboard

Landing Pages

Pre-built Landing Pages to Drive Conversations

No need to spend hours and money on landing page development – we have them for you. 

Capture the interest of prospects with landing pages designed to increase your conversions. We provide you with pre-built landing pages for different digital marketing services. 

Start winning more business today.

Stay on Top of Your Local SEO with Our GMB Dashboard

See the impact of your local efforts and optimize better to drive more foot traffic. Our GMB dashboard provides the data you need to ramp up your local SEO strategies. 

Use our GMB dashboard to monitor key local SEO metrics and plan your next steps. Track foot traffic and prove to clients the ROI of your local SEO effort. Simply integrate your client’s GMB details, and you’re all set!

GMB Dashboard

SEO Dashboard That Provides a 360-View of Campaigns

Track your SEO campaign progress and develop your SEO action plans supported by metrics from our SEO dashboard. We make it easy for your agency to display the ROI and value of your SEO services. 

Our SEO dashboard lets you view keyword ranking, on-page data, and traffic performance, so you can make informed decisions for your marketing activities. It has the essentials you need for a completely transparent SEO reporting.

Reporting Made Easy with the Report Builder

Create reports and send them from the dashboard. The Report Builder allows you to generate reports using our templates or a custom template you can make for your campaigns.

Ranking trends, keyword movements, analytics – you can get data from the dashboard and add them to the report. The Report Builder also makes it easy to schedule your reports with its scheduling feature so you can always keep clients updated with their campaign progress.

report builder