We’ve rolled out a great new addition to your reseller dashboard – you can now track your brand’s social signals on several of the most popular social networks.

Track likes, shares, comments, and other social signals across multiple networks

When you navigate to a project’s Overview tab, you’ll immediately see a new section that summarizes your social signals on various networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon.

Social Signals summary

This summary displays the current number of mentions, likes, comments, pins, shares, and other signals for each network. Beneath that, you can see the previous day’s numbers, and how much they’ve increased or decreased. These numbers update daily.

Navigating to the new Social tab allows you to view where the majority of your social signals come from, and lets you monitor your brand’s overall social performance within the week or the current/previous month.

Social Signals pie chart

You can select which social signals to view and compare in this monthly/weekly line graph.

You can select which social signals to view and compare in this monthly/weekly line graph.

Monitor your competitors’ social signals

When you add up to three competitors in the Rankings tab, you will be able to view their social signals and compare them against your own campaign’s.

competitors social signal chart

You can specify which social signal to compare for what time period using the handy drop-down menus to the top-right of the graph.

Social signals have become more important to marketers than ever, and our dashboard makes it much easier for you to see which signals are strongest for your brand. Sign-up for your own reseller dashboard and check out its other awesome features today!

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Clayton Wood

Clayton is the Marketing Director of SEOReseller.com and managing partner of numerous successful online brands offering white label SEO and other online marketing services.