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Continuous changes in search engine methodology make maintaining in-house SEO difficult. Many companies outsource SEO and online marketing so that they don’t have to constantly worry about changes made by search engines like Google. It has been said that your brand links could potentially be affected by your search volume. Here’s an explanation about the correlation between search volume and brand links.

Brand Links

May 2010, Google announced that they have made a few brand refinements for product information. This was to inform users about a certain product even though they don’t know about the brands associated with those products. This gave rise to brand links – it made it easier for users to find popular brands on Google, and these are determined algorithmically. Where do you usually see the brand links? These are mostly seen right below the paid search ads.

You can’t determine which factors are involved in identifying the popular brands for head terms. Although, each brand’s corporate website and how optimized it is for keywords aren’t enough to result in a brand link. Most of these websites that have brand links do not necessarily employ SEO best practices, such as using targeted keywords.

Search Volume Impact

In a study conducted, some brands were given brand links for a certain product, even if they offer them and even if they are not ranked in the first 3 pages of the search engine result pages (SERPs). So, how did they get those links? Most probably, because of the increased search volume for that certain brand, related to that particular product. Google may notice which head terms are associated with which brands in terms of search queries.

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