New Google Sitelink

Earlier last week, Google launched an update to its sitelinks. Google improved it for a better organization and quality on its search results. The said sitelinks have just improved its appearance, not fundamentally—something that seo reseller companies should not worry about. Some of the changes that occured are its visibility, wherein the links are now …

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4 Local and Seasonal SEO Strategies You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Covering every aspect of SEO is essential for a successful campaign. If you think your company covers everything that your business offers, you may want to ask yourself about the SEO opportunities available during various seasons. While you think about your SEO efforts, don’t forget about the seasonality of your business and how it affects …

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Google Places: We’ve Stop Borrowing Reviews

Thanks to the incorporation of Hotpot, Google now has enough reviews from Google users to stand on its own feet. Reviews from other websites will now be shown as a link with their respective numbers of reviews.

Drive Traffic to Your Website through Social Media

In a recent study released by BrightEdge, an SEO enterprise firm, it showed the integration of social media plugins and links on homepage. The stats showed that Facebook was in the lead with about half of their 10,000 sample websites having a Facebook link on their homepage, while 40% had their Twitter account.

3 New Ways Google’s Search by Image Helps You Build Links

The new search method by Google is not only entertaining to a few but also useful. Since the launch of Google’s Search by Image, people have found an alternative to searching the net without leaving Google.