I’ve talked about the importance of Google+ presence and authorship in my past blogs. What I’m about to discuss today shows the continued importance and effectiveness of Google+ in increasing your trust signals and putting you on the SERPs. A recent study released by SEO tools provider Conductor shows that Google+ presence has increased considerably between January of the previous year and May of the current year.

10% Increase in the Past 18 Months


The study shows that as of May 2013, 43% of personal brand searches on the first page of the SERPs have Google+ presence. This increase follows the initial increase from January 2012’s 33% to June 2012’s 36%.

The study, which was completed by conducting personal brand searches for 500 tech writers, also reveals the following:

  • Google has increased the importance of G+ in search over the past 12-18 months, which was confirmed earlier this year by Google exec Eric Schmidt
  • 87% (or almost 9 out of 10) of writers have a Google+ account
  • 75% (or 3 out of 4) of authors with a G+ account have successfully established authorship

What this Means for You

Looking at the results of the study, you can see a direct relationship between the number of people now implementing authorship and the increase in Google+ presence in the SERPs. The announcement given earlier this year has increased the demand for Google+ optimization and authorship implementation, because now your market knows that it will help boost them up on the SERPs.

Another benefit comes from Google ranking your G+ posts as part of organic search results. This is very helpful if you’re trying to rank your content for more competitive industry keywords. Finally, it makes your listing offer more trust signals, with the G+ profile pic and rich snippets appearing alongside the content you publish.

Authorship vs. Publisher

A very important note: the study looks at personal brand searches, not company results. You may use authorship mark-up if your business page is verified by Google, which means Google already sees you enough as authoritative enough. The results of this study is relevant if you are trying to build up authority for you as your brand ambassador, or if you’re trying to build up one of your clients as a personal brand.

Building company and organization brands works a little differently. Instead of using authorship mark-up, which requires that you already establish your authority for Google to verify your page, you need to use the rel=publisher markup, which will help Google verify your company authority. This markup will let you build an authoritative brand instead of building an authoritative G+ author, which is more appropriate for businesses without a specific brand ambassador. Following the recommended practices for authorship, you should do the following for companies and organizations:

  1. Implement the rel=publisher markup in your published content immediately
  2. Place a link on your Google+ company page throughout your website
  3. Optimize your Google+ company page to build brand authority

Contact your account manager today to start implementing the appropriate mark-ups and optimize your own and your clients’ Google+ profiles. Sign up free and become our partner to get started. Keep checking back for more updates!