The importance of PageRank used to be a key part of any SEO sales pitch when talking to clients about building a solid reputation on the Internet. However, after some time, PageRank is finally fading out.

Google didn’t announce the complete removal of the “heart of its software”, but what the leading search engine shared simply validates what everyone in the SEO world presumes: PageRank no longer carries weight in ranking websites.

When John Mueller of Google mentioned in a video that there’s a strong chance nobody will see another Toolbar PageRank update again, I had mixed emotions.


First, the statement may hold true because there hasn’t been an update since December 2013.

Second, the company has dropped its availability over the years. It was removed from the Google Webmaster Tools in 2009. Also, the entire Google Toolbar that includes PR scores, was taken out from Firefox since 2011.

The Internet giant has made quite a similar announcement in October 2013, but a fresh set of data became available two months later.

Who knows for sure what the fate of PageRank will be? It may still be available (technically), but, with months of outdated data, can you trust a “reputation” tool when it’s no longer reputable?