This week we’re releasing two new product line enhancements to our service suite. These additions round out a complete service set to help our agency partner resellers offer a larger range of services to their clients. None of our agency partners want to leave a sale on the table, so we’re now offering turn key solutions for all types of clients large and small.

New Product Line: Competitive SEO Packages

Our new competitive SEO packages are built with power, speed and PR. To rank in tough industry niches, we now offer magazine features, guest blog postings and much more. Check these packages out and talk to us about when their appropriate to sell to clients.

Clients with very tough industry niches can now have top rankings with customized SEO strategies through widespread publication, social media influence and top tiered link building. The packages come in three levels of 10, 20 & 30 keywords. This product line also includes dedicated consulting and SEO team working daily on ranking the client’s website.

PR Placements & Brand Mentioning

For competitive industries, you need a lot of brand mentions in high authority websites. Our competitive packages include this. Magazine features, high level press releases and social links are a big part of what makes this methodology successful.

Content Publication

Our content publication have ramped up to dozens of publications going out per month with all original pieces of content. The competitive SEO packages are packed full of great content and put your clients on top of the SERPs for more keywords. Check out the details here.

Product Line Update: Local SEO

Our new local SEO products not only focus on the business listing portfolio of a client’s business, but also focus hard on the client’s website, its ranking ability and how it relates to its appearance in SERPs. This update will help more local businesses rank higher in search results.


We now include Rich Snippets on all local SEO campaigns. This means authorship markup, reviews and office hours for every local campaign. In addition to this, we build links to both the client’s website and the local listing. This helps give search engines a better view of the website’s organic growth online and ranks them higher.


Reviews rich snippet inclusion

Showing a potential visitor reviews in the search results gives your clients an advantage over their competition. For applicable businesses, we’ll include this data on the website so that search engines recognize positive reviews clients have given right in the search results.



Content Publication

The latest Google updates require more quality content about the service or products to be developed and published around the web. Because of this, we’ve doubled the content quantity across all of our packages for all publishing channels.

Live reporting on all campaigns

Our reporting system includes a live dashboard available for you and all of your end clients. In this client dashboard we track and report live keyword rankings, Google Analytics data and hard copy reporting. Your clients get all of their reporting in one suite anytime they want. If you’re not using it, install it here.

At our core, we’re a PR agency. Because we always keep the user in mind, Google rewards the work we do. User experience trumps all. Find out how we do it by exploring our website or giving us a call.