When you’re new to the SEO world, it’s easy to get lost and make mistake about the ranking factors that you feel are still relevant today. You’d hear most of them almost every day, but they actually no longer carry that much weight as they did years ago.

To help explain to your clients how you’ll make their sites rank on Google, be careful when discussing the importance of the following:


Telling site owners that building high PR links will immediately boost their reputation online may not hold true anymore. Although Google has not made it official, more and more SEOs start to doubt PageRank’s value because of the lack of update for a year now.

Meta Keyword

As keyword density is so easy to manipulate, meta keywords tag have gradually slid into the backseat in favor of meta title and description. A recent research even shows that the influence of putting keywords in the URL, domain, title, and headers are declining.

Social Signal

Google’s Matt Cutts already explained that they’re not using social metrics. In addition, Searchmetrics revealed that the correlation between social signals and search ranking decreased this year.

As long as there’s no definitive source that accurately shows Likes or Tweets cause a website to move up the rankings, it’s better to choose your words properly when pitching a sale.

Some factors may be indispensable, but their value may dip over time. Keep your eyes open and do your legwork daily to distinguish what’s hot from what’s not in SEO.