Our Private Label SEO Reporting Metrics OverviewMost companies are now choosing SEO to help their business gain an online presence. A lot of outsourcing companies are offering cheap SEO services to help these companies with their online marketing needs. Our company sets high standards to help companies rise above the competition. Our reporting platform – a tool to help you better understand your website’s traffic – is one of the things we are proud of.

Keyword Movement

Our reports include performance of your keywords: (1) its position and movement on Google; and (2) the local and global volume of these keywords.

Engagement Summary

We summarize the volume of users who visits your website. We take note of the percentage of the site referrals and your search referrals. We also include the amount of visits to your top landing pages.

Search Engine Traffic

Apart from comparative study of visits from site and search referrals, we include how much traffic your website gets with the use of search engines.

Additional Ranking Improvement

We show you which keywords contributes highly to your site rankings. We provide you with a list the keywords you can benefit from.

Action Plan

We always include our action plan for the following month. We let you know which aspects of your website we need to focus on, and the methodologies we plan to implement to make sure your website rank on top search engines.