Here’s what happened in the previous week:

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Google’s updating a slew of services again, beginning with the Knowledge Graph. Official Representatives of Companies or Brands can now suggest changes to their respective Knowledge Graph Boxes. In order for Google to recognize you as an “official representative,” you have to be signed in as the owner of the official website, YouTube channel or Google+ page, as Google explains in the help document.

Google is also revamping the AdWord workflow to make it easier to set up automated bidding. Those familiar with the previous workflow will find that the “Flexible Bid strategy” is now called the “Portfolio Bid Strategy” to better describe the grouping capability by multiple campaigns, ad groups and keywords. Google is also rolling out 24-hour support for AdWords related queries and concerns.


Twitter and Facebook are giving marketers with more options to promote brands with new video promotion tools and features. Twitter’s new product, First View, allows brands to pay to have their videos appear at the beginning of a user’s feed.

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