Most of last week’s updates came from Search, with Google testing its “experimental podium” and improving the search experience for travelers. This and more of the big news from last week!

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Google is testing a service with select businesses that serves exclusive content to its search results. The service, which the tech giant began experimenting with late last year, serves as a real time communication and publishing platform that allows businesses to post directly to SERP’s without needing a website. Businesses interested testing out the new search feature can join a waiting list.

Google has also been testing click to call extensions for organic search results. While callout extensions have been available in AdWords for years, this is the first time Google has been spotted testing them in organic search.

Google improved its services for travelers with updates to the Google Flights interface and the launch of Destinations on Google for travel queries on mobile. Google Flights now lets users filter travel destinations by interest, while the new Destinations on Google integrates with Google Flights and Hotel search to display available flight and accommodation prices instantly. Users just need to enter a location followed by “destination” in the search box to browse available options.

After years of intermittent support, Google is  finally retiring the old PageRank Toolbar, although the company will still use the metric internally. A spokesperson from Google has stated that, while this update doesn’t change how sites are ranked, “[r]etiring the PageRank display from Toolbar helps avoid confusing users and webmasters about the significance of the metric.”


Pinterest is opening its Promoted Pins to small- and medium businesses in the U.S. The tool includes bulk editing and measurement tools so SMB’s can monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns on the platform.

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