Angie’s List is Now Free: What This Change Means for Your Business

Angie’s List has taken down their $40/year paywall, opening up membership and access to reviews to everyone. Now that ratings and reviews are open to non-members, Business Profiles on the platform are expected to figure more prominently on SERP’s. This will have a huge impact on the Online Reputations of businesses in several industries, particularly those in Home Services.

Source: Angie’s List

Google Podium Posts Expands to Regular Search Results

Originally launched for political candidates in the US, Google Posts has now expanded to other search queries. Dr. Pete Meyers from Moz spotted Google testing it for a charter school in New York. At the moment, Google Posts is invite-only. Businesses interested in the service can sign up for the waiting list here.

Google Posts Roundup SEOReseller

Source: The SEM Post


Facebook Will Test Video Downloads for Offline Viewing

Facebook Logo Roundup SEOResellerFacebook is testing a video download option for a small percentage of users in India, where “mobile data and internet connectivity is limited and many people struggle with poor video experiences.” Videos downloaded in this manner will be stored in the Facebook application alone, and won’t be available to other applications. Videos from all Pages and Profiles are available for download, though they can also choose to opt-out from the service.
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