March begins with a slew of updates for marketers and advertisers–not huge overhauls but small yet significant tweaks. From Google’s Statement on the end of Sidebar Ads, Facebook’s 3 million Advertiser milestone to LinkedIn’s new audience matching feature, here’s all the big news from last week!

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Google finally came out with a statement regarding their discontinuation of Right Sidebar Ads on Search Results. Google’s Director of Performance Ads Marketing Matt Lawson explained on Search Engine Land that “text ads on the right rail were simply less useful than [Google] hoped,” and that the update will ultimately improve search experience make it consistent across devices.

Google has also made Smart Goals accessible to more advertisers by expanding the eligibility criteria. The previous minimum of 1,000 website visits from AdWords clicks has now been reduced in half to 500, while the maximum has been increased threefold to 10 million website visits.


Facebook announced that 3 million businesses now actively advertise on the platform, and 70% of these are based outside of the U.S. To celebrate the milestone, Facebook also announced the launch of “Your Business Story,” a new tool that allows businesses to easily create a short video showcasing their brand.

Facebook is facing off against Periscope and Twitter by pushing Live Videos higher up the Feed. The social network announced that it has tweaked its News Feed Algorithm so that Live Videos are more likely to appear higher in when they are still streaming.

LinkedIn recently launched its own audience matching with LinkedIn Account Targeting. Businesses can now upload lists of companies they want to advertise to, which LinkedIn will then cross-reference with their database of over 8 million company pages to create an account target segment. LinkedIn Advertisers also have the option to target specific job functions or seniority levels.

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