Improved Analytics Administration via Property Moving

Google is finally allowing Analytics users to move properties between accounts. Users can now consolidate related properties into one account for easier management.

Google Analytics Move Property Roundup SEOReseller

Source: Google

Users must have administrator access to both Google Analytics accounts to move a property from one to the other. From the admin section, go to “Property Settings” and select the “Move Property” button at the top right corner. Moving properties does not require any retagging.

Expanded Text Ads: More Time to Test and Iterate

Google AdWords Logo SEOResellerGoogle is extending support for the existing text ad length to January 31, 2017. Previously, Google announced that AdWords users would only be able to create Expanded Text Ads after October 26, 2016. The extension means advertisers have more time to test new approaches, adjust to the new format, and update their creatives.

More Visual Mobile Search Results

Google is making mobile search results more visual with a new update. Now, certain queries will display image thumbnails on some of the search results.

Visual Mobile Results Roundup SEOReseller

Source: Google


Announcing New Customer Support Features for Businesses

Twitter is adding a new feature that indicates if a business provides customer support through the platform. This information will be displayed whenever a user searches for the business on Twitter, mentions them in a tweet, or finds a business in Direct Messages.

Twitter Support Roundup SEOReseller

Source: Twitter

Businesses can also display hours of availability on their Twitter profiles, to let users know when they can expect a response. These new features can be enabled in the new Customer Support Settings page on the Twitter Dashboard. Businesses must first enable receiving Direct Messages from anyone to use these features.

Enhancing the Way Instagrammers Interact with Ads

Instagram is rolling out enhancements to link ads to make them more engaging:

  • The call to action button will be highlighted when the user’s behavior shows interest in the ad (like staying on the ad for four seconds or clicking the profile of the advertiser)
  • A call to action button will now be displayed at the comments section of an ad.
  • Relevant information like price, URL, or app store rating will automatically be added to the call to action button of the ad.
  • Users that unmute a video link ad will be taken to the destination URL while the video plays at the top of the screen.

Instagram Call To Action Roundup SEOReseller

Source: Instagram

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