The data of Google Webmaster Tools has not been updated for over a week now. Site owners, webmasters, and marketers have lodged dozens of complaints on the forums, but to no avail.

Stalled Updates

Most of the complaints indicate that February 7 was the last date that GWT has had an update. Some say they received updates for February 8. There are also claims that Google completely zeroed out data for February 9.

Delays are nothing new for GWT. Normally, the delay is only at around two days. There had been cases where the data took longer to update, but even so, this is the first time data had been stalled for a week and counting.

Google has yet to issue a statement about the issue. Marketers have complained on the forums, but the search giant remains mum. It is still unknown whether or not Google has acknowledged or has begun working on a solution for the problem.


For most people, this begs the question: what is wrong with GWT? Are there technical issues on Google’s side that led to this? Is the search engine rolling out upgrades for its system? For now, we can only speculate. Only when Google breaks its silence can we know what truly happened.

What do you think happened with the lack of updates for the tool suite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.