Google will be switching to the new version of the Webmaster Tools API along with the shutdown of ClientLogin. The change will take effect on April 20.

The new version of the GWT API came out last September 2014, with features that are consistent with other Google APIs. The team behind the API’s development explained that this update makes it easier to authenticate apps or web services, while providing access to some of the main GWT features.

What Changes to Expect with the Switch

The new GWT API will cover almost all aspects of the original version, but excludes messaging data and keywords. The API does not have the capacity to get keyword data from the content report. Additionally, getting messaging and keyword data directly from any other Webmaster Tools API will no longer be feasible once the updated version goes live.

Google Webmaster trends analyst John Mueller shares other alternatives to get keyword data, though. He recommends Python, Java, or OACurl scripts/code to run keyword data. The Python search query data is still available for download until the new API replaces it.

Preparing for the GWT API Switch

If you’re using any code from the original version, you need to update it with the latest API update. The API allows you to have a maximum of 500 sites in every account—going above that number makes it hard for the UI to navigate through the sites.

As Mueller elaborates, the bulk of the work is moving to this new API, so future updates will be easier.  For instance, using a sitemap file is highly advisable for getting index-status. This allows you to gather indexed counts on relevant, high-value URLs and not just on random ones that crawlers find for a website.

The updated API shows new useful possibilities for Google Webmaster Tools. What do you think about migrating to the new GWT API? Share with us your thoughts.