Roseanne Cash once said “the key to change –is to let go of fear.” We know that with the recent change that Google has made, most businesses that outsource SEO were threatened. Before it was easy to get information about your users, but with the recent update, it’s not going to be available, unless you’re an advertiser.


There will always be benefits in every change that can occur. Today, everyone might think that Google is the only one that benefits. Is this true?

At first, a lot of people were skeptical about this change. Look at it this way: Google is the leading provider of retargeted ads and they are known to be very competitive. Now that the referrers are out, Google’s competitors will find it hard to offer retargeting services. Yes, the first to benefit is Google.

However, if you are one of Google’s own advertisers, you will also benefit from this. See, this change will prevent anyone from doing keyword-conversion tracking. From previous conversion tracking, everyone had access to information such as further pages that your users visited and what product or service they purchased. With the recent update, you can’t get this kind of information not unless you buy an ad from Google.

Good Or Bad?

We cannot blame other people from thinking that this case is a bad thing. However, you can definitely look at it this way – secure searching is definitely a great thing. If Google thinks that this change was needed for privacy reasons, let it be. We may have more benefits from this change soon.